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When we say that our Endurance Nation plans make you tangibly faster, everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. How will it help them specifically? While I can’t predict your fitness future I can show you the data from one of our members. In a little under a year, he boosted his FTP up by 47 watts and improve his w/kg ratio from 3.0 wkg to 4.1 w/kg!

Not only could his former self not ride with him…not too many others in his area can either. Enjoy the data view, you geeks!!!!

  • 11/27/10   First FTP test ever, FTP 175  (3.0 w/kg)
  • 12/26/10   42 min CT test, FTP 185
  • 2/07          42 min CT  test, FTP 195
  • 3/22          42 min CT test, FTP 201
  • 5/25          23 min test  hill time trial, FTP  206
  • 6/30          42 min test, FTP 218
  • 8/11          20 min test, FTP 221
  • 10/16        20 min test, FTP 222 (4.1 w/kg)
For those of you keeping track at home, that’s a 27% gain in FTP. And a move from low/mid-pack triathlete in terms of watts per kilogram (w/kg) to being pretty close to the pointy end of the field.
If you’d like similar results, be sure to check out our Training Plan page or Become a Team Member!

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