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FREE PreSeason Training Guide for Triathletes [Download] – Start 2013 Right

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Why Do You Need A Pre-Season? Whether you prefer high volume training or the Endurance Nation Return on Investment, Quality-over-Quantity approach, we can all agree on one thing: “If you aren’t rested and ready to start training, your season will fall short of expectations.” Tweet This Quote   One of the biggest mistakes a triathlete…

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Endurance Nation and the 2013 Long Course Triathlon Season

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Coach Patrick McCrann at Ironmanยฎ Kona   Endurance Nation trains age-group triathletes looking to excel at triathlon. You have a job, a family and lots of stuff going on…and you want to be a triathlete — we can help. Our time-efficient methodology and focus on quality over quantity means less training hours without sacrificing speed.…

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Five Common Half Ironman Mistakes

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It’s no secret that Ironman racing (the 140.6 mile version) has become crazy popular, with races selling out a year in advance, often in only minutes. As a result, Ironman-focused conversations dominate the triathlon space. Yet probably 90% of these Ironman triathletes race one, two, three or more half Ironman events enroute to their full Ironman distance event. Our combined 20 years of coaching and racing experience has shown that the 70.3 distance is a different race entirely from the Ironman. If you want to be successful at the half iron distance you’ll need to bring more to the table than your Ironman fitness and some good luck.

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