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Abbey Bonner at Challenge Roth

Everything You Ever Needed to Know for Your First Ironman [A Case Study]

800 800 Patrick McCrann

Abbey crossing the line of her first full 140.6 distance event @ Challenge Roth. Looking For The Works I was looking to gain access to guidance on how to prepare for this, advice on race execution & access a reliable and robust training plan. In short, I was looking for a little bit of everything.…

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Road To Roth – How A First Timer Is Stacking The Deck In Her Favor

533 800 Mariah Bridges

When EN Athlete Abbey Bonner decided to take on Challenge Roth as her first Iron Distance Triathlon, she knew it would be an exciting yet CHALLENGING road (see what we did there?). Nothing she can’t handle. She has her WHY…she has her WHEN (all the races leading up to Challenge Roth)…and Endurance Nation has her…

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