Heart: From Flatline to Finishline

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Ellen in Venezuela

Ellen Charnley is an Endurance Nation athlete.  She was borne with multiple holes in her heart and in March 2010, doctors told her she needed immediate surgery to save her life.  In November 2010, Ellen completed her first Ironman® (Arizona) in 12.37.  This was 8 months after she had undergone open heart surgery to fix her heart.  She then wrote a book about it. (www.ellenliveslifetothefull.com).

Ellen wasn’t keen to do another Ironman, in unless it was for something bigger than herself.  She met other Ironman® competitors and fellow cardiac survivors, and together they decided to tackle another IM together.  Ellen, along with 7 other cardiac survivors is taking on Arizona again in 2012.  Not content with writing another book, she is making a documentary movie about it.  Her hope is to raise funds to help detect, prevent and cure cardiac illness in athletes.  These cardiac athletes want to show the world that their lives are worth saving and cardiac patients can do some amazing things.  Ellen and her cardiac triathlon team clearly break the mold in what defines athletes. They started their journey last November, when filming began at the sign up for IMAZ.  They come from all corners of the country; they will meet together at the starting line to the rest of their lives. Eight athletes. One goal. Making it to the finish line of an Ironman® IMAZ,  a race that will test their minds, bodies, and most importantly, their hearts.

Now comes the appeal, they need help to make the movie.  “Heart: Flatline to Finish” Line. To date they have survived on volunteer and personal contributions but they need to fund the filming through Ironman® AZ 2012.  They have set up a project on Kicstarter.com where it is easy to pledge a donation.  Please take a moment to review their websites, view the movie trailers and then hopefully click on the support button.

From flat lining on the operating table to their first steps, then their first day of training. You will soon learn that, with a strong mind, and a healthy amount of determination, you can accomplish the impossible. Learn what it means to have heart… an Ironheart.

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