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TOC Camp Stage 4: San Jose to Modesto

150 150 Rich Strauss

EN ToC is met by members of the EN NorCal Sleeper Cell Theme of the Day: The Team that is Endurance Nation comes together to…

TOC Camp Stage 3: San Francisco to Santa Cruz

150 150 Rich Strauss

Dr. Kitima before Stage 1 with her emergency med supplies…a foreshadowing of the events of Stage 3 Theme of the Day: Murphy Comes a Knockin’,…

When To Go Big With Your Triathlon Running

150 150 Coach P

In a previous post outlining how we recommend building run fitness across a triathlon season by emphasizing the importance of building fast over far. [link:A Season of Triathlon Running Fitness] If you read that article, then you learned about the hidden cost of volume, velocity vs volume, and the importance of benchmarking. Or perhaps you have reviewed our online training manual (free, here) and seen how we build a season.

TOC Camp Stage 2: Davis to Santa Rosa

150 150 Rich Strauss

Theme of the Day: Does it always rain here?!! Summary: Campers ride in a drizel all day, climb Mt. Howell, a serious KOM, and are…