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Power Clinic Questions

I recently did a presentation about Training and Racing Power at the TriFitLab run by It was a good presentation (I’ve done better), but what always interests me is not what I do or whom I’m speaking with but the questions that come from the audience. Instead of leaving those answers information at the clinic with the 35 folks who attended, I want to post answers here in a space where everyone can learn from them.

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Coach Rich St. George Scouting Report

I spent this past weekend on the St. George course, training and recon-ing the event with some TeamEN athletes. Well worth the long drive from LA to meet and connect with our athletes in what is, hands down, my favorite part of the country. We covered all of the bike course on Friday and ran…

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Lake Placid Racing Tip Sheet & Plan Sale

Bike Smart…Run Happy! Attention Lake Placid Athletes — You have T-minus 21 weeks until race day! But don’t panic, Endurance Nation is here to help! We’ve created the ultimate Ironman® USA training package designed to prepare you physically and mentally for your race. Purchasing an Ironman® USA Training Plan allows you to tap into the…

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