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Running a Faster Long Course Marathon, Part I: Introduction

Coach Rich at Coeur d’Alene'08 The Ironman® run course is where PR hopes and dreams go to die a painful death. The course is littered with the bodies of very fit people who’ve done all the right training, or so they think, but who slow down dramatically on the run. In our opinion, traditional Ironman®…

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Women of EN: Marianne Park

Marianne is an EN OG (Original Gangsta), having attended Rich’s Ironman Louisville camp in June 2007, and then joining EN from the very beginning. She is THE EN Denmother and the Don of the EN Arkansas Mafia.

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Women of EN: Kitima Boonvisudhi

Kitima, or EN Code Name Kitboo, is a relatively new member. She gives us a great perspective on our power and pace focus, and is another example of how you don’t have to be a skinny, bald, Type A, male 25-35 power geek to find value in training with power.

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