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We coach our team of over 800 triathletes via a suite of over 30 training plans. While we make most of these training plans available to the general public in our Store, we have a handful of special purpose, members-only, special-sauce training plans that we do not release to the public…until now!

For a limited time only we have decided to release our Intermediate Bike Focus Training Plan to you, our fans, as a tool you can use to boost your bike fitness.

This is a FREE eight week training plan that:

  • Will challenge you to work very, very hard on the bike. If you want to ride fast you need to ride FAST and this plan has been proven across hundreds of age grouper athletes to significantly boost their speed on the bike through very focused, targeted work.
  • Puts your run in maintenance mode. That is, we retain your recommended running frequency and include just enough speed work maintain your running speed endurance while we focus on making dramatically faster on the bike.
  • Prioritizes recovery. More importantly, dialing down the run creates the opportunity to significantly dial up, and recover from, the cycling intensity.

We use this training plan with our members in three specific scenarios:

  • In the gap between the end of their OutSeason® training and the beginning of their focus on their 2013 A-races — apply that OS fitness to the bike while maintaining the run, before officially shifting gears toward training for their A-races.
  • As a solution applied in a gap between races — ie, a May half Ironman® and November Ironman® — for athletes with the bike as an identified weakness.
  • In the gap between the end of their season and the beginning of their OutSeason — finish the season with an October half Ironman, drop into the Bike Focus plan in November and December before beginning the OutSeason® in January.

Just enter your information below to download this FREE 8-week training plan! If you like the plan, please share with your friends, teammates and training partners. Thanks!



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