Welcome to the Long Course Triathlon Execution Seminar

The CoachesThank you for registering for the Endurance Nation Ironman® Training Seminar!

You have officially started on the path to becoming a much improved triathlete. Here is some important admin information for you to review before your actual course begins.

Note: You will receive Lesson #1 right away and subsequent lessons a few days apart.

Purpose of the Course

  • Bring you several years up the self-coached triathlete learning curve, as we share with you the lessons we have learned as coaches, athletes, and leaders of a 600 member long course triathlon Team.
  • Give you practical tools you can use to properly execute your next Ironman® triathlon. Remember — once the gun goes off, it’s all about race execution. Good race execution is free speed on race day!

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Overview of the Four Keys of Ironman® Execution
Rich and Patrick’s Four Keys of Race Execution have been used by over 10,000 triathletes to have a successful race day!

Lesson 2: Ironman® Swim and Transitions
How to pace the swim, where to line up, and how to eliminate friction points in your transitions!

Lesson 3: Bike Pacing and Hills
Detailed guidance on how to pace the longest leg of the day and, more importantly, they share their secret techniques for riding hills correctly and staying within yourself, setting up the run!

Lesson 4: Run Pacing and Mental Strategies
There is no such thing as a good bike followed by a poor run…and we show you how to execute that run!

Lesson 5: Race Day Nutrition
Next, we share with you our secrets for the 4th sport of triathlon — fueling, especially critical across a 140 miles, 10-17hr day!

Lesson 6: Race Day Logistics
Bags, special needs, bags and more bags! We can help!

Lesson 7: Race Week
Finally, we give you a detailed plan for what to do each day — when and how to recon the course, when to eat, and much more!

Thanks again, we look forward sharing our racing knowledge with you!

~ Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann
The Endurance Nation Coaches