Stop Guessing.  Start Hammering.

At TT Bike Fit, we did our first triathlon in 1992, and have competed in hundreds of races since – everything from sprints to the big one in Hawaii. Lisbeth has competed as an elite amateur from the beginning, and is currently the 45-49 Ironman® World ttbikefit2-300x118Champion after her 3rd consecutive victory in Kona (She holds the Kona course record for 45-49). She has also placed 6th (1995) and a 4th (2005) at International distance Worlds and a 5th and 6th at Hawaii (2008 and 1996) before her 3 victories in Kona (2009-2011).

Educated as engineers with graduate science degrees, we have both been fascinated by the technical aspects of the sport right from the beginning. Biking is the best leg for both of us, and other than our very first entry-level road bikes, Todd has built all of our bikes from the frame up and done all of our ttbikefit1-300x223fitting. He also did this for many of our friends over the years in Miami, Kentucky, and now Rhode Island. For him this was a hobby, payment was never accepted other than an occasional six-pack. Along the way he spent a lot of time thinking, reading about, and experimenting with fit. A few years back he developed a method for using motion analysis software to optimize fit. Again, this was mainly for our own benefit but he began fitting many of our friends as well (as long as they weren’t in our age groups!).