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You train all year to be your best. You are fit. You are strong, You are all geared up ready to race…and then you realize there’s just one small problem: you have no idea how to race!  While you aren’t alone in this dilemma, we can assure you that no one has this issue on Team EN.

As the creators of the Four Keys Approach to triathlon racing, we have been instructing triathletes how to race since 2007. More than 10,000 athletes have watched our DVD, attended a Talk, downloaded a Race Talk video, and read our Four Keys Information. What does all of this mean for you?

You can forget wasted races or missed opportunities. You’ll stop blowing up and focus instead on negative splitting. You’ll have a bulletproof, tested race plan ready to go weeks before the race. You will race like a veteran regardless of whether this is your first race or your fifth. Once you execution, you’ll never “just race” again!

The Four Keys Overview

It all started with this first article by Coach Rich on a flight home from Florida in 2007. After watching a few hundred athletes mess up yet another chance to be their personal best, he captured his thoughts and Endurance Nation never looked back. Read the original article here:

>> Endurance Nation’s Four Keys of Race Execution
>> Short Course Race Pacing
>> How To Race Inside A Box
>> Assess Your Race Using the Four Keys

Perfecting Your Taper

Putting together the perfect race is about more than just aerobars and disc wheels. You need to be 100% mentally and physically ready to put out a serious effort. Your ability to put out this effort is determined first by how you train, and second by how you taper. It’s no secret that nailing your taper will ensure that you have the chance to be your best. And yet every year triathletes mess up this critical phase by continuing to train out of ignorance and/or fear.

>> How To Taper with Intent
>> Nailing Your Ironman® Taper
>> The Ironman® Tweak
>> Fatigue & FTP in Your Final Weeks
>> Adding A Last Minute Ironman® to Your Season

Know Your Race

Your fitness is just a vehicle that you drive all day on the race course. How you drive that vehicle is a reflection of your race day goals, the conditions of the day, and the actual course itself. Having experience on any given course will put you ahead of the competition, simply by virtue of knowing what’s around the next corner. But landmarks aside, do all you can to structure your training to either include a trip to the race venue (if appropriate) or to cover similar terrain.

>> MapMyRide or MapMyRun — Use these sites and search for your course to find terrain!
>> Climbing Smart on Race Day
>> How To Ride Smoothly
>> The Ironman® Run / Walk
>> Pre-Race Checklist