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What our valued Members and Training Plan Athletes are saying about Endurance Nation!

  • I wanted to thank you for helping me become an Ironman in Lake Placid last weekend. I’m not a member of the Team, but I did purchase an Out Season and In Season plan as well as the course talk. I drilled your philosophy into my head and it paid off. I am an Ironman! Thank you!

    John Thompson
  • Sadly leaving Lake Placid. But so happy to leave with a PR. From 12:43 in Florida to 12:17 here with a 3:50 marathon which would not have happened without this plan and the support from EN out on the course. Congrats to all!!!

    Turby Wright
  • Completed my second HIM today at Vineman 70.3. Awesome venue minus the 1 foot deep areas of the swim. I knocked off over 20 minutes from my last HIM. Run went great after a very controlled bike! What a difference in execution. THANK YOU EN!!!

    Brad Marcus
  • Packing up to leave Lake Placid, leaving here with a 1 hour 27 minute PR Not remotely possible without EN. The plans, the X/B1, the community, the knowledge, the out-on-course mojo from people I barely know….just an amazing group.

    Rich Miani
  • IM Lake Placid was hands down my most complete race. So happy with the way I executed the day & PR’d by 1hr 9 minutes. Thanks RnP for the in race coaching!

    Joe Manning
  • Last years HIM results: swim 37:xx, bike 2:56:xx, run 2:08:xx and I DIED on the run. Total time 5:45:xx. Joined EN in November and this yrs HIM results: swim 33:15, bike 2:35:37, run 1:52:43 and felt STRONG through the finish. Total time 5:09:22!

    Steve Beyer
  • Broke out team EN gear for first time this weekend. Christina Voss Memorial DU. 5K/30K/5K. Finished 22 of 155 and 1st age group 45-50 @ 1:37:00!

    Danny Dallis
  • Competed in the NYC Olympic Tri yesterday. Finished top 10 in AG (6th) with the 2nd fastest run for non pro/elite. The 2:12:10 time was a 18min improvement on my previous NYC time. Again, EN training and community knowledge making a huge difference.

    Robert Mohr

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