Unlock the Next Level of Training and Racing with TeamEN

Endurance Nation is a vibrant community of athletes from across the globe, and on behalf of all of them I want you to know I’m pumped you are here. ????

If you’re ready to just upgrade, you can tell us in the red chat box at the bottom of this page  and we’ll pull all sorts of levers, push buttons and shoot off the confetti cannon. ????

If you’re still on the fence then let’s get down to business…you probably have a workout to do!

What Upgrading to TeamEN Means for You

You are basically unlocking the full power of Endurance Nation to help you be your endurance best.

  • Instant coach call booking with Coach Patrick.
  • Unlock “Team Only” plans in Final Surge
  • Access to all of our Forums
  • Access to all of our Chat Groups for accountability, learning and teamwork.

When’s A Good Time to Upgrade?

Technically, there’s no time like the present. But just in case, here are some other guidelines…

Optional: Any Time You Need Extra Support

Upgrading is perfect if you have a particular challenge, issue or area where additional coaching and support can make a difference.  Maybe you’ve signed up for an epic race and need to get on track, soon. Maybe you need accountability to dial in your body composition.  Perhaps you’re bridging from one race to another one in a tight timeframe. Whatever you’re up to, we are down.

Optimal: Last 12 Weeks to Your Race

The final twelve weeks to your race is Endurance Nation’s official Race Preparation period. We draw the line here as you have three months to get race ready. The means hitting critical weekly volume, executing your race rehearsal workouts properly, creating and refining your race plan, and so much more. The decisions you make in this phase have a direct impact on your race day performance. Together we’ll leave no stone unturned!

Next Best: Final 6-Week Peak

Like waiting until the last possible minute, eh? We get it…it’s how we shop for the holidays. A little hectic but it all gets done somehow, right?  Starting at this point of the game means our work is more intellectual and strategic; workouts matter very little as you’ve already done most of the work. Our goal will be to refine your execution, dial in your equipment and make sure you are 100% ready for the big day.

Upgrade FAQs

  • How much does TeamEN cost?  TeamEN membership costs $97 every four weeks.
  • When will I be billed for upgrading?  You’ll get a pro-rated invoice that accounts for what you have paid and used thus far this month.
  • Am I locked in to TeamEN now?  Not at all. You can manage your account any time online here or by asking for help in the chat box (no emails please).
  • How can I schedule my Coach Call? You’ll get an email from Brenda once your upgrade is complete, and call instructions will be in there.
  • How can I learn more about the new resources?  You can schedule an upgrade call with Brenda and she can walk you through the new parts of the website.

What Are You Waiting For?

If we could sing, our serenade to you would be over by now. It’s your call if you want to take the next step. Schedule a call using the widget below or reach out to Brenda in the red chat box below.  We’ll be here!