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Meet team members competing in Ironmanยฎ Texas 2015!

image1 (2)Ron Slack (M 45-49)

I’m from Edmonton Alberta Canada, married with two girls. I have been doing IM’s since 09. This will be my 10th IM however my first full year on new diet after finding out celiac ( was always crashing hard end of bike/run )
My goal for Texas is to beat my last year time and have the best run ever!


robin sarner_texasRobin Sarner (M 45-49)

From Tacoma, WA. This is 12th IM and third Texas. Hoping to improve on last years performance. I look forward to seeing you all on the run. I will be the 6’6″ guy with the EN shirt. Imua.



Eric Miller (M 35-39)

Eric Miller from Columbus, OH (For those that don’t know the home of THE 2014-2015 1st EVER Football Playoff Champion Ohio State Buckeyes) My Incredibly Understanding and Supportive Rock Star Wife Sara and have 3 beautiful children (Boys) Conley (5) and Mason (3) and a spoiled little girl that just wants to be like the boys Emery (1).

This is my second season in triathlon, having competed in several Olympic distance & one 70.3 at Eagleman in MD last year. I have been around and active in sports my entire life, football, wrestling, basketball, shot put & discus, etc but once I could not tackle anybody and throwing a metal ball lost it’s appeal I figured it was time to pick a sport that had some staying power.

One past experience has helped shape my IM pursuing life. I worked with a gentleman in Virginia several years ago who was a former Navy Seal medically discharged because of a brain tumor. He was given less than a year to live back in 1999-2000ish and that’s when he decided to physically challenge himself to compete in an IM during his chemo treatment. He competed in and finished 3 IM’s and lived 9 years past his doctor’s predictions. He passed away in 2009 and It was with that spirit and drive that got me thinking about participating in triathlon. Ran some half marathons in his honor back in Virginia Beach, many lessons learned and a long way to go!!!

3 years ago I bought a bike, stayed with it, and by miracle found EN on a podcast literally a week before I was to begin my 6 month journey to Texas. Since then I have been introduced to some amazing people through online forums and camp. I have closed the gap on the learning curve surrounding this sport much quicker through member’s expertise and while there is so much more to learn I feel more confident about race day execution. Single most important lesson I learned was to purchase a power meter for my bike. Hands down best investment. Thank you RnP.

Race Day goal is to FINISH and keep the SUCK at bay for as long as possible through a well thought out nutrition plan and ninja like pacing / execution. As a first time IM competitor I know there should not be time goals but here are my time goals anyway.

Swim 1:20:00 2:04 / 100 – Very comfortable pace
T1 5 minutes
Bike 6:15:00 17.9 mph – with planned stops at aid stations
T2 5 minutes – stretch and cool down as much as possible
Run 4:40 – 10:41 pace – slow and steady finishes the race
12:25:00 Final Time

If times creep up and temperatures get hot & humid (guaranteed) I will plan and alter strategy accordingly. Looking forward to racing with the EN team!!

TishCollier-IMTXLatisha Collier (F 35-39)

I am from Biloxi/Ocean Springs, Mississippi. As far south as you can get in Mississippi! I am a registered nurse, and currently work as a nurse at a high school. VERY interesting job!!
I started running in 2009, and this is my 5th year of triathlons. Yep, I’m a turtle, but I still go the same distance as everyone else, just not as fast.
I DNFd IMTX last year. No blame to place, but this year I had the proper training WITH positive motivation from my support crew!!
My goal this year is just to finish ON TIME!!!!

Chris Davis (M 35-39)

I was born and raised in Colorado, but moved to The Woodlands, Texas after college. My wife, Christina, joined EN to do her first Ironman last year, and I was very impressed with the results. I have 2 sons, Harry and Archer who are very active and excitable.

I’ve been a triathlete since 2013, but have only done short course races up till now. IMTX will be my first Ironman. When I’m not in spandex, I’m a sales engineer in the oil and gas industry.

My biggest goal is to finish. I’d like to finish with a kick and a smile on my face, but I’ll take a crawling grimacing finish if I have to.

The thing I’m most excited about (aside from the finish) is getting to see my family and friends at various points on race-day. They’ll be a big pick-me-up throughout the course.

Ashton Mossy (M 30-34)

From Houston, TX. Jumped in the lap pool and got on a bike for the first time 1.5 years ago. Did two HIMs last year and was hooked. I’m married with a two year old daughter and another on the way.

My race day goal is to make it to the start line! I have had just about every running injury you can think of, so just making it through the IM training plan, injury free, would be a big accomplishment for me. My sights are set on a sub 11:30 finish!

swim bike runKim Strassmann Eagle (F 40-44)

I live in Austin, TX! I just started back to triathlons 1 year ago. I did a sprint & olympic about 7+ years ago. Then got the itch to get back in the game. Did 3 sprints, 1 olympic and the Austin Half Ironman last year. Felt so good after the Half Ironman that I figured…go for the full IM! My only goal race day is to FINISH ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be even better if I could finish with a SMILE ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m SUPER excited (and nervous). It’s been wonderful training with TEAM EN!



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