Triathlon 101

The CoachesIf you’re new to triathlon, welcome!

Keep reading – this is the perfect place for you to get started. We have compiled everything from blog articles to podcasts to PDF downloads here to make sure that you are the most informed triathlete possible. Information is power, and nowhere is that more true than in your early days as a triathlete. So put take off your racing flats, lean your bike up against the wall and get ready to go to school.

If you’re NOT new: Click here to read our JV to Varsity Triathlete guidance.

1: Introduction to Triathlon

The sport, the distances, the culture, the vibe. EN Coaches Rich and Patrick give you an overview of the sport and get you fired up to learn more! Coach Patrick and Rich introduce you to the myths and culture of the sport.

>> Podcast: Introduction to Triathlon
>> Blog: Our Return on Investment Approach

2: The Basic Week

Rich and Patrick have coached hundreds of athletes one on one and have helped thousands more through their training plans, articles, camps and clinics. They share their tools for creating simple, repeatable and effective schedules for real people in the real world.

>> Podcast: The Basic Week, for Beginners
Rich and Patrick discuss the tool of the Basic Week, targeted at beginners.
>> Podcast: Basic Week, Advanced Dicussion
Coach Rich lays out a more detailed version of the Basic Week concept for TeamEN members.

3: The Workouts

Let’s Start Training!

Frequency, volume, and intensity. Heart rate, perceived exertion and pace. Aerobic, endurance, technique, hard work and fun.

The coaches teach you the nuts and bolts of the day in and day out, sharing with you the science in commonsense terms you can understand and apply.

>> Listen to the podcast here!

4: The Swim

Rich Can Teach a Rock How to Swim!

Coach Rich is a former NCAA All-American swimmer. More importantly, he’s delivered swim clinics to hundreds of athletes all over the country and his Swim Clinic Ebook (below) has been used by well over a thousand athletes to swim more efficiently.

We’ve rewritten our already successful ebook to create Version 2.0: more video, more audio, more content, an incredible value!

>> Don’t Swim in the Winter
>> Pre Race Swimming Guidance

5: The Bike

Your Primary Vehicle for Doing Truly Cool Stuff!

Next, the coaches bring you thousands of miles up the learning curve by discussing the flavors of bikes we ride, the equipment, and many, many tricks of the trade.

>> Endurance Nation Cycling Overview
>> Cycling with Power, The Little Things

6: The Run

Time to Lace Up Your Shoes! The coaches discuss the principles of run training, form, and technique. Yes, there actually is a right and a wrong way to run! Run faster, farther, and injury-free!

>> Listen to the Run Overview Podcast
>> Evolution of Running inside Endurance Nation, Part 1
>> Evolution of Running inside Endurance Nation, Part 2

7: Nutrition

While triathlon is hard, the workouts are the easy part. Proper nutrition is 24/7 and a fundamental component of the fitness lifestyle! Coach Rich and Coach Patrick will share with you commonsense advice and tools you can use to fuel your endurance training and racing.

>> A Practical Strategy for Improving Body Composition

8: Your First Race

Race day is about Execution, Not Fitness. Race day is bikes and gear; wetsuits and helmets; freaks and geeks! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and made mistakes…so you don’t have to. Everything you need to know about race day, so you can have a great day!

>> Endurance Nation’s Four Keys to Race Execution (EN Version)
>> How To Master Your Ironman (Active.com Version)

9: Assessing Your First Race

So you made it to the finish line…now what? Your mind is full of stories that will last you a lifetime, but for now your top priority (after recovery!) should be reviewing your day for lessons learned so you can improve. Use our patented Four Keys approach to assess your performance to ensure your next race is just that much better.

>> Assess Your Race Day the Four Keys Way

Thank you so much for your interest in our Endurance Nation approach to training and all of our free resources. Be sure to say “HI” on our Facebook Page. We’ll definitely respond, and we look forward to seeing you online or at the races.