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After years of hosting triathlon training camps across the US, and serving well over 500 triathletes, Endurance Nation is taking our camps to the next level. We are pleased to present you with the Triathlon Rally, a brand new triathlon training experience with all of the cool stuff and none of the cost. It’s time to get back to the grassroots of what makes triathlon such a cool sport — spend a weekend in Lake Placid (6/10-13) or Madison (7/8-11) and get fit, make friends, have fun…and get ready for your best Ironman® yet.

Why is the Tri-Rally Free?
We are committed to building stronger, faster, smarter, well-balanced age group triathletes, at a fraction of the cost of traditional one-on-one coaching. Expensive, exclusive Ironman® training camps are just not compatible with our mission statement. Instead, it’s just more fun (and the right thing to do) to leverage our experience (7 x camps in the IMUSA course, 6 x on IMWI) and create fun, challenging, and informative training weekends for EVERYONE.

We have successfully held high-dollar camps for years, but our first Team event in Madison, WI in 2008 showed us the power of FREE. With no prompting or “official” leadership, the members of Team EN organized a 30+ person training weekend on the Ironman® Wisconsin course. Coach Rich flew in to give a few lectures and offer basic support, but it was all after the fact. That was our most successful training camp to date, and a powerful lesson in what motivated triathletes can do on their own.

What’s Unique About the 2010 Camps?
Aside from the fact they are free and open to the public, the most unique element is the Women’s Camp that will run concurrently at the Madison Rally. Organized and led by the 16+ women from EN who will be racing Ironman® Wisconsin this year, this mini-rally is an opportunity to connect and recharge batteries for the final push of training.

The Basic Agenda
Everyone should plan to arrive on Thursday evening (discounted lodging here). Friday will be a race simulation ride and run (112 bike, 6 run), Saturday will be an epically cool ride and Sunday will be a long run (or another ride) on the course. There will be an optional paid Team dinner on Saturday night at both rallies. To see the full agenda, please visit the official Rally page on the EN website:

How To Sign Up
All you have to do is RSVP to to the event on either the Placid or Madison Facebook pages below. Please be sure to tell your friends and spread the word: there is going to be an epically cool training weekend in Placid and Madison this year, and everyone is invited!

We sure hope you can make it. Both weekends will be totally fun-filled with plenty of time to suffer!


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