Triathlon Training with Team Endurance Nation: Reason #2 — Race Support

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The Coaches Conduct A Race Seminar

Ed Note: This post is part of an admin series on what sets Endurance Nation apart from other triathlon coaching groups, companies, and clubs. If you like what you see, please check us out.Become a Team Member & You can also take advantage of our 30% OFF Annual Triathlon Training Plan Sale

So you have a plan. Maybe you join a local team or even hire a coach. After months of training and handling the ups and downs that a season throws at you…your race is almost here. Suddenly you realize that while you know the who/what/where/when/why of every swim workout…you have no idea how to pace you swim. You don’t know what to eat on the bike, or how to adapt it for the conditions or the actual course lay out. And the run? Suddenly you wonder if there’s a better way. And there is.

Endurance Nation not only wrote the book on Triathlon Race Execution, we made a DVD. More importantly, we travel to every single Ironman® in North America to give our Four Keys Talk and support the Team. We hold a Team dinner to connect everyone, from family to spouses to kids, and these can be as big as 115 people (bigger than my wedding!).

More Than Training Plans

Endurance Nation has the best age group triathlon training plans and guidance anywhere, but that’s not what makes EN so unique.

It’s more than just the plans, it’s the people who use those plans…and connecting these folks behind the scenes to support one another in their training, their day-to-day lives and most importantly, on race day.

There’s racing an Ironman, and then there’s racing as part of a Team — barely going more than a mile without seeing a fellow Teammate or getting cheers from supporters on the sidelines.

Looking Forward to 2012…

Entering our fifth full season, Endurance Nation has a full slate of Ironman® and 70.3® events on the race calendar. With more than 500 members on the squad, we’ll have someone racing at almost every single long-course triathlon in the country (and abroad!).

We’ll continue our three FREE Triathlon Camps at IM Texas, IM Lake Placid and IM Wisconsin…open to all and 100% free!

If you are looking for quality training plans, 24/7 coach support, and gaining a veritable triathlon family….then Endurance Nation just might be right for you!

See you online or at the races!!!!



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