Triathlon Training with Team Endurance Nation: Reason #1 — It’s Fun to be Fast(er)

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Ed Note: This post is part of an admin series on what sets Endurance Nation apart from other triathlon coaching groups, companies, and clubs. If you like what you see, please check us out. Become a Team Member & You can also take advantage of our 30% OFF Annual Triathlon Training Plan Sale

One of the biggest differentiating factors of the Endurance Nation experience is how we train. Our “Fast Before Far” approach is designed for the age group triathlete. Every single workout is results-oriented: you have a main set to accomplish and when that’s done, any extra time is up to you, your availability and your motivation.
There are no junk mileage workouts inside EN; in fact our Ironman® Training Plans only have two rides longer than four and a half hours. Period. The 70.3® training plan rides max out at 3 hours, with most in the 2.5-hour range. If you don’t need to do it to get better…you don’t do it.
Our entire suite of triathlon training plans — from Ironman® to 70.3® to Short Course to our winter OutSeason® training plans — follows this similar no-nonsense approach to building your fitness and maximizing your time. Regardless of the time of year you training EN-style, you will see results that begin to set you up for the remainder of your year. If you want to learn more about our training methodology, you can read our free online training manual here.
But there’s another, more tangible benefit. Getting Fast Is Awesome.
  • You go further in the same amount of time.
  • You are no longer dropped and can now lead groups instead of just following them.
  • You are stronger, meaning you recover quicker.
  • Races take less time and your personal bests start to fall.
In fact, April is our favorite time of the year…that’s when the bulk of our athletes start riding outside after a few months of our OutSeason® program. Their experiences are usually eye-opening, and very motivational.
If you are a stuck in a rut, or are looking to get Faster and Stronger but don’t have 20+ hours a week to train, be sure to check out Endurance Nation. Hope to see you soon!

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