Triathlon Season Planning: How EN preps you for Texas

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Ann Sloan runs at Canada 2013When you become a team member with TeamEN, you immediately become a part of the team. With that membership comes a wealth of information for carrying out your Ironman® triathlon training. We want you to understand why joining TeamEN is the best thing you can do for your triathlon performance, and how Coaches Rich and Patrick personally help TeamEN athletes reach peak endurance training performance. Triathlon Season Plans are how TeamEN athletes reach the podium time and again.

What follows is a sample of our members-only Triathlon Season Plan for Texas 2014, outlining how a TeamEN athlete would move from training plan to training plan, across their Texas season. Please review the table below and watch the screencast, Coach Rich’s detailed explanation of his thinking behind why an Texas would do this training plan, then that plan, etc, across their season.

Please Note:

  • This is a generic sample only! Coach Rich creates a completely customized Season Plan for every single athlete who creates a trial membership to Endurance Nation. That is, if you’re doing an Olympic and a Half Ironman® en route to IMTX, Coach Rich starts from scratch to create your Season Plan for Texas based on your schedule. He will redo your Season Plan as often as required, due to changing race schedules, etc.

  • We’ve purposely left out some information: specifically, what weeks of each training plan that Coach Rich has assigned to each calendar week. Sorry, there’s only so much of the internal secret sauce that we’re willing to give away in a blog post. Thanks for understanding!


Sample Triathlon Season Plan



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General Preparation Training Plans & Notes

OutSeason® (OS): Our low volume, high intensity training plan for making you a much, much faster triathlete, while preserving your headspace and Spousal Approval Units (SAUs) for when you’ll really need them — closer to your race!

Focus Plan (FP): Two flavors — Bike or Run Focus. We put one sport in maintenance mode, freeing up recovery resources so we can focus on the other sport and make you, again, much faster. You’ll generally focus on the weaker of your two sports. This is a members-only training plan, not available for public sale.

Swim Camp (SC): Everyone has different swim requirements and constraints. Advanced triathletes can be rocks in the pool, while beginner triathletes can be former Division One swimmers! Our swim-focused training plan allows us to insert into your training plan the swimming you need, when you need it. This is a members-only training plan, not available for public sale.

Get Faster (GF): We keep the OutSeason® “flavor” of work rolling, but add long bike and long run volume, as well as relatively intense swimming. We use this plan to give our athletes a “head start” towards their A-race training plan, and/or as our go-to solution to add some mid-season speed. This is a members-only training plan, not available for public sale.

Race Preparation Training Plans & Notes

These are the tools we use, after employing some or all some of the plans above, to train our athletes specifically for their A-race. Note that because our athletes have already done a significant amount of work before actually beginning to train for their A-race, we generally only have them do the Race Preparation Phase of these plans, i.e., the last 8 to 14 weeks of these 20-week training plans.

Ironman® (IM): We crafted our first Ironman® training plans in 2005, and they have been edited, honed, and refined 1-3 times per year every year with information based on coach observations and feedback from our athletes.. The training plans will be in their 10th generation as of Fall 2013. The plan includes a “Big Day,” and two race rehearsals, to ensure you have opportunities to put into practice the race execution tools for which we are so well known.

Half Ironman® (HIM): These training plans have an identical pedigree to our Ironman® training plans.

Short Course (SC): The “make me faster!” work required for success at the short course distance. Includes race rehearsals, peak, and taper weeks.

Does this look amazing, or what?

Want more? Rich has created identical SP’s for Mont Tremblant and Wisconsin athletes in our new ebook, blah, blah, go here to register and receive it when it’s released

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