Top Five Most Inspirational Triathlon Videos

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Most of us donโ€™t sign up for a triathlon because we are excited about the prospect of waking up at 5am and training in the dark. Or spending hours away from our family and friends each week.
Sure, thereโ€™s the prospect of improvement as seen in our fitness, our body composition, etc. And the lure of being able to purchase some pretty awesome gear. But at the end of the day, itโ€™s what happens on race day that ultimately defines our triathlon experience.
To get you motivated and keep you on track, here are our Top 5 Most Inspirational Triathlon Videos.
#1 — Team Hoyt
The amazing story of Rick and Dick Hoyt; I have had the opportunity to race alongside them both many times. To see them compete is to truly understand the power of the human spirit.#2 — Simon Whitfieldโ€™s Gold Medal Finish @ 2000 Sydney Olympics
A first for the sport in its debut olympics, Simon grabs gold with what is now his renown finishing kick. Awesome to watch.#3 — Hawaii 2008
A great mashup of the day, compiled here in one video. Also Craig Alexanderโ€™s first win at the distance…a great day.#4 – The Original Julie Moss Finish
While not every Ironmanยฎ needs to be this dramatic or epic, what happens to Julie and how she perservered to the finish captured the attention of the sporting world and put Ironmanยฎ triathlon in the global spotlight.

#5 — The Ironwar: Dave Scott and Mark Allen
A video introspective on what these two amazing athletes were able to do when pushing one another in a competitive streak that ran across years and culminated in a single epic day.

I am sure we didnโ€™t get your favorite video…so please share in the comments!

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