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One of our members describes the difference between becoming a TeamEN member vs just using one of our training plans on your own.  Much better than we ever could:

Ed, My 2 cents
I do >95% of my training alone – this is driven by my work and travel schedule.

Some of the benefits to me as a full member are:

  • I train with a team / family / friends. We do the mostly the same workouts and support each other’s growth though the season.
  • We post how are workouts and test go – we have good days and bad days. It is good to be on an up day and be able to give encouragement to those that had a bad day. When I have a bad day, it is consoling to know that everyone else goes though the peaks and valleys to – it’s not just me being a wimp!
  • Seeing other people achieve good results gives me confidence that the plans work and that my results will also come.
  • Being a member and posting work out results – keeps me honest and motivates be to do the work out when on some days left to my own I would skip it. This has helped me be consistent in my training which is a huge key to results.
  • The value of putting up you race rehearsal and race plans and having them critiques by a group with hundreds of ironman races under their belts can quick point you to the areas of improvement that you may never think of.
  • Reading the race reports – the great days and the less than perfect days provides more practical information on how to execute an Ironman® and info specifically to a course than all other published work I have ever seen. There are years and years of learning’s embedded in these reports. When I prep for an event I go review all race reports for that event and read them 3 times. It is amazing what you miss on a first read.
  • As a member via the forums we are provided an opportunity to help others – provide insights, suggestions, tips tricks. Personally that makes be feel good to “give back to the community”

To get the biggest bang for your membership fee you need to be involved. The more you put in the more you get out of the EN house. Now with that being said that does not mean you need to be online 5 times a day posting 10 things a day. I ebb and flow – driven by time available and need for help / feedback or searching for new information.

Good luck in your decision.

Become a Team Member and experience our team for yourself.


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