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This weekend TeamEN will be represented by 16 athletes at Ironman® Arizona. Coach Rich be on hand to lead the athletes and their families, including a team dinner on Friday, our Four Keys Talk on Saturday, and rallying up family and friends to support the squad on the run course.

We’d like to introduce you to the squad:

Scott Dinhoffer
I am 45 years old and last was in shape around 15 years ago when I ran three marathons. Marriage, kids and all of that took away my fitness time. Fifteen years, 40 lbs later looking at the end of my marriage and a lot of time on my hands, a friend who is an avid ironman, convinced me that I can do this. Found team EN while searching for Triathlon tips online twelve weeks ago while going to PT for a chronic running injury. Coach Rich assured me I can do this and here I am, ready to go. I have three daughters, Ally 11, Samantha & Lauren twins who are 9. I also have a background as a competitive sailor, having done many distance racing events, and while not as physical, they often are quite the long term mental challenge. Looking forward to enjoying this part of the journey in Arizona with Team EN.


Colin Cook
My name is Colin Cook, I’m 28 years old, from Pepperell, MA, and I’m new to Endurance Nation.  IM AZ is capping off my 2nd season of triathlon and will be my first full IM.  I played hockey in college and spent the majority of my life focused on hockey.  However, after graduating college, I found myself drinking a lot and after a couple years, I realized my life wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to.  I then decided to run the Boston Marathon that year and found triathlons during my training.  I have absolutely fallen in love with the sport and the lifestyle.  Since then I have been very devoted to my training, but did get hit by a car on my bike about a month ago.  I’m cleared to race, but my hip still isn’t 100% so we’ll see what happens.


Todd Mellinger
This will be ironman #14 for me. I raced Arizona in the spring a few years back and it handed me my only DNF(food poisoning night before), I’m back with a vengeance and plan to more than make up for that DNF J   I will be accompanied by my loving wife and 2 beautiful children who have given me unbelievable support over the last year.  Both our families are in the area which should make for an amazing/supportive race.  For those wearing EN wear, you’ll be sure to get support from the entire Mellinger clan on race day.  Having survived a heart attack last year, I’m truly grateful to have the opportunity to still be racing, it is indeed a gift I’ll never take for granted.  I plan on giving it all I’ve got on race day, leaving it all on the course, I’ll take whatever that day gives me.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on the course.  Good luck to all. Todd


Ellen Charnley
Ellen’s passion for triathlon started in 2004 when she joined a local Tri club in Hawaii where she lived for two years.  Now in Las Vegas, Ellen’s passion is still driving her to compete in triathlon especially half Ironman® events and recently the grueling Silverman triathlon (voted one of the most difficult triathlons in the world by Triathlete Magazine in 2009).  After qualifying at Eagleman, Ellen competed in the 2007 World Championships in Clearwater, Florida.  During her long training rides, Ellen noticed some problems with her vision which lead to a series of medical tests.  In March 2010, Ellen underwent open heart surgery to fix multiple holes in her heart that had gone undetected for 41 years.  She is determined not to have this derail her Ironman® dreams and will be at the starting line of the 2010 Arizonaas her first full Ironman® race.


Paul Hough
My name is Paul Hough and I live in Tampa, FL.  Arizona will be my 3rd Ironman, and second this year.  Pictured is me after the finish of Coeur d’Alene in June with my wife Karen and daughter Paula. I also have three grown sons and two grandchildren.  My goal at Arizona is to get as close to 10 hrs as possible and if it’s not my day, just to finish well.  Either way, the reward will be a visit to In & Out Burger to celebrate the end of a long season.


Dan Sobiech
Hails from St Paul, Minnesota where the temperature on my long last ride a couple weeks ago was 36 degrees when I started.  Arizonawill be my 3rd Ironman, both previous races were IM Wisconsin.  I am married and have one daughter 15, and one on the way – due end of February.  So I am hoping for a great race as I feel this may be my last IM for a while, that is unless a 140.6 race comes to the Twin Cities anytime soon.  I followed EN in 2008 when I did IM Wisconsin and had a PR of 56 minutes over my 2005 race in Madison.  I import wine and spirits for a living, and will be in town a few days early working to “peddle my wares”.  But I will be drinking BEER after the race!  Good Luck to all and thanks Patrick and Rich for a great season of training – I am prepared!  On to the race!!


Greg Charbeneau
This will be my 4th Ironman® competition and looking forward to executing really well. I remained healthy and injury free throughout the EN training and very grateful for that. 46 years old and trying to make the finish near the top of my age group. I am blessed with an awesome family; wife Kristin (22 years) and two daughters Alex (17) and Megan (15). Super exciting news in our family is Alex committed to James Madison University in Virginia and will be swimming for them! Soooo excited for her. Daughter Megan is a cross country runner and made NJ “meet of champions” the Saturday before Arizona (bummed I won’t see her run). Wife is a great athlete who is now the family cheerleader!


Chuck Peterson
Arizona is my first IM – so I am anxious and excited.  I started down this road three years ago, after years of running and some biking, but no swimming.  I could not swim a length of the pool when I started and swimming continues to be a huge challenge.  I have completed three 70.3’s since 2008 and hope to complete Arizona smiling. To do that, I will keep moving the EN way – saving watts and heartbeats until that finish line.  That smiling face with me in the picture is my personal coach – Sue – the Torture Queen.  She has been my constant companion for 35 years of marathons, long rides, mountain bike trips and ski days during the winter.  She’s the real athlete in our family – and I am just happy to be bumping along.


Stacy Pemberton
Eight sentences…..hmmmm, well this will be my first ironman so of course I am trying not to freak right out!
Worked as a ski patroller and mountain guide in Colorado through my 20’s until I moved with my now husband to the South for his job…..So what does a mountain girl do in the lowcounrty…….discover triathlon! Started with sprint and olympics and did my first half before moving back to Colorado a few years later. So here I am married, with toddler, have “real job” as ER RN, and am T- 6 days to becoming an ironman. What can I say life does not get much better than this…… And skiing is my outseason, maybe a little swim, trainer, snowshoe thrown in, we’ll see. So send me all your good mojo and the rest of my Arizona peeps, cheers to you all!


Gilberto Hernandez
Arizona 2010 will be my 6th IM distance race (IM AZ 2005/2008/2009, IM Lanzarote 2006, IM France 2007). Started with EN in 2008 for Arizona and PR’d by 2hrs 40minutes! I am hoping for another big jump at this race from my current Arizona PR of 11:41. However, it’s all about enjoying the day and the opportunity to race. My ‘one thing’ is the memory of my mom, who passed away on October 27, 2009 after a tough battle with breast cancer. Up until mile 18 of the run, my day will be about putting on a good show for my friends, family and the Endurance Nation. From mile 18 to the finish line, it will be all about running tough in loving memory and with her spirit driving me. I’ll ask her to count ‘em for me (i.e. those souls I pass, EN style, on that final 8.2 mile stretch home).


Julian Herrmann
1st tri: ~1988
2nd tri – Lake Havasu, 1989
3rd tri, Los Angeles, 2006
1st IM: Ironman® AZ 2009
I love training.  I love a challenge.  I am very lucky to have a family that supports me 110%.   Did a few marathons before switching to tris, and have done a smattering of HIMs leading up to Arizona 2009, and am very excited about 2010.  Love the full distance race!!


Adam Ainbinder
Whatup everyone? I’m a 30 year old Southern Californian that views the Irvine area as a gigantic playground for a triathlete. I grew up in Long Beach, CA, moved to Huntington Beach, CA when I was 13, and went to school in Berkeley, CA. Arizonawill be my first Ironman. I completed my first triathlon last September (olympic distance), and my first half Ironman® in March of this year in Oceanside.  I’m excited for this experience, particularly since I know I’ll be able to spend a lot more time with my wonderful girflriend Adrienne and my puppy Kaila once it’s all said and done! When I’m not training, I’m playing video games and working as a Director of Business Analytics for the security products company, HID Global. Good luck to all the other participants!


David Cain

My name is David Cain and I’m a brand new member to the team, having joined a few weeks ago during the new member trial period! I was a training plan athlete, using the 20 week intermediate plan to prepare for this race. I live in Dallas, TX and have a great family supporting me, including my wife Kay and 3 sons, ages 14, 12 and 10. Arizona will be my 3rd Ironman. In those races I have had 2 “solid” bike rides followed by 2 “LONG” walks! I’m looking forward to applying the 4 Keys and actually running an ironman race! While my 2010 was spent re-gaining my fitness, I’m very excited about applying some outseason training this winter and tackling Texas strong in 2011! Looking forward to meeting many more members in the coming years!


Terry Olivas
My name is Terry Olivas.  I’m a heart surgeon from North Dakota.  I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world….my wife Peggy.  This is my second year of racing triathlons and my first Ironman.  I have been with Endurance Nation for just over a year and have made tremendous progress with Patrick and Rich.  I have had several bike and run PR’s in the last few months and am looking to turn that fitness and Team EN execution strategies into a great race in Arizona.  I look forward to racing in front of many of my friends from Phoenix and my whole family (including 2 other EN members) from Las Vegas and Phoenix.


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