Lake Placid Rally Wrap: 2011 Edition

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The 7:30am Start Group for 112 Miles


Another EN Tri Rally is in the books. After months of planning and organizing, the weekend has wrapped and was an unqualified success. Seventy five triathletes came together in Lake Placid for a weekend of training and learning and fun…here are the full details.

Day One: Friday

The training for Friday was pretty straightforward — a Race Simulation. For those of you not in the know, that’s a 112 mile bike ride at goal Ironman® pacing plus a six mile run. During this workout we test your nutrition, your ability to pace appropriately and we learn about your bike fit & comfort levels as well as where things get mentally hard for you.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Low 70s, minimal winds, and light cloud cover. By all accounts, everyone had a good time zipping around the course. No one said it was “easy,” but it certainly goes down as one of the best camp days we have ever had.

After the run it was off to the Brew pub to fuel up on a burger and then back to the hotel for our 90-minute presentation on the Lake Placid Bike Course and the Run Course.  You can get access to the individual video clips via this blog post.

Day Two: Saturday

Similar layout as Friday, the goal on paper was to put in another two loops on the bike. It was overcast and the promised rains soon began to fall. Combined with the wind, this made for a pretty miserable first loop of the bike. Most folks who didi the 112 on Friday opted for 56 on Saturday with a swim and/or run. A few late arrivals had to get in the full 112, and thankfully the rain began to fade and the roads dried out in the early afternoon.

Napping was the post-workout order of the day, followed by an hour long Lake Placid specific Race Execution and Training talk by Coach Patrick. In addition to answering some questions, Coach P covered the Endurance Nation Four Keys and then gave specific guidance on how to not only process the weekend’s training, but on what to focus on heading into the final few weeks.

We had a nice team dinner at the Lake Placid Courtyard by Mariott — they took GREAT care of us!!!! — and then apparently it was time to buy all the ice cream in town and try to eat it before we passed out.

Day Three: Sunday

The final day of the Tri Rally, Sunday started overcast but remained dry. Our workout for today was a long run, with at least one loop of the course — approximately 13.1 miles. We got an early start to beat the Lake Placid Marathon (except for the few participants who were actually racing the Half!), and headed out on River Road to familiarize ourselves with the terrain and what race pace would actually feel like on our tired legs.

By the time we got back to town, almost everyone was running properly and charging up the big hill by the Olympic Oval. When it was all said and done, we logged about 14 miles. Without a doubt, it was just the right way to end the volume pop of the weekend.

Quick goodbyes were exchanged and then it was time to pack and dash out of town…with a promise to say HI in another six weeks on Race Weekend!

Want In?

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