Couer d'Alene Racing Tip Sheet & Plan Sale

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You have T-minus 12 weeks until race day! But don’t panic, Endurance Nation is here to help! We’ve created the ultimate Ironman® CDA training package designed to prepare you physically and mentally for your race. Purchasing an Ironman® CDA Training Plan allows you to tap into the collective Endurance Nation experience, knowledge and race-weekend mojo. EN plans are world-class because:

  • Rich and Patrick have personally coached over 60 people to the event over the years.
  • Rich and Patrick have both raced Coeur d’Alene; Patrick qualified for Kona there in 2008.
  • TeamEN at Coeur d’Alene: 22 athletes in 2008, 33 athletes in 2009, 45+ expected for 2010!

Simply put, no one knows Ironman® CDA better than Rich, Patrick, and TeamEN.

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Your Platinum Level Ironman® CDA Training Plan includes:

  • Your choice of a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced 20-week Ironman® training plan.
  • The Coeur d’Alene Course Talk Movie: Over two hours of Rich and Patrick teaching you how to swim, bike and run every inch of the CDA course.
  • Four plus hours of podcasts to accompany your training plan — two per training week.
  • A FREE Four Keys Race Execution DVD, a $37 value!
  • An invitation for you to attend the TeamEN Four Keys Pre-Race Talk: the live version of the DVD, delivered to over 1500 Ironman® athletes over the last two years!

Still not sure? Download a FREE Coeur d’Alene Preview PDF.

Review this additional guidance from the Coaches and members of Team EN, including top tips for each leg of the event, equipment, bike gearing, and other recommendations. Be sure to browse our photo album from last year’s race to get a sense of the EN vibe. Why share this with you before you purchase an EN plan? Because we are confident that you’ll see the depth of our knowledge regarding Ironman® and our commitment to making your race day the best experience possible.


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