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We get email and Twitter questions regarding our training plans all the time. We strive to answer each one, and it occurred to us that maybe sharing this information could be good for other self-coached triathletes out there. Enjoy!

Rich and Patrick


I purchased the Out-Season Plan and I intend to buy the 12 week Advance IM plan also. I’ve attached a spreadsheet with my schedule. Would I be better off finishing the out-season plan at the same time as my HM race as its scheduled three before the 12 week IM program kicks in. If so – what should I do for the three weeks between my OutSeason® and IM Race Plan? Or should I just leave it and race the HM at week 18 of the Out Season program? And them move straight into the 12 Week IM program with no break.

Thanks – PS Week 4 of the Out Season plan and I’m already feeling faster!!

Jeff G
Perth, Western Australia

Coach Patrick here. Thanks for the email!

I would go OS thru your HIM, modifying it for distances on the bike/ run/swim as needed over the last 6 weeks. Include at least 1 HIM race simulation workout. (56 ride / 6 run).

For those 3 weeks, I suggest you take 2 wks off HARD, really to recover. Ideally you’ll be chomping at the bit to come back. You can SBR in week 2, but with no goals.

Then on that last week I suggest you build it into a big bike week, with good weekday rides and then fri/sat or sat/sun big rides, then pick up the plan on Monday. You can find the big week guidance by searching the sidebar of the EN Blog.

Good luck!

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