Cash for Clunkers Training Plan Trade-In: UPDATE

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It’s been less than a month since we announced our “Cash for Clunkers” training plan trade-in program and we wanted to give you an update:

We have paid over $4,000 so triathletes don’t have to train with their old, clunker training plans!

Our email filter of these training plan trade-in receipts reads like a Who’s Who of high-dollar, old skool coaches. Exchange reasons vary widely, but include:

  • Out dated training methods;
  • Ridiculous volume of training across an entire season;
  • Injuries and burn-out from attempting to follow the other plans;
  • Same workouts (and weeks) across entire seasons, and many more…

Endurance Nation Is Here to Help You Break The Cycle
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Many of these customers have gone on to take advantage of our double top secret training plan upgrade option to become full members at a discounted price.

This is how the program works:

  • Have you trained with another training plan in the last calendar year? If so, we want to buy that plan back from you!
  • Purchase an Endurance Nation OS training plan, on sale through December 31st for 20% off.
  • Send us the receipt of ANY competing training plan and we’ll write you a check for 100% of the value of your clunker-plan, not to exceed the purchase price of your OS plan.
  • Go here for complete details.

Thanks and stay tuned for another update when the Cash For Clunkers program ends on 12/31/2010!


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