2016: Our Annual Recap Video of the Year!

Rewind to a bar at IronmanCDA in 2007…

In June 2007, your fearless coaches were on the ground at Ironman Coeur d’Alene to support their respective athletes. Rich and Patrick already knew one another, having exchanged business ideas and collaborated on some training camps, and it wasn’t long before a few beers moved the conversation from pleasantries to some very strong opinions on how to run a better coaching business.

We had similar business models, with each of us coaching a squad of one-on-one coached athletes, selling training plans on TrainingPeaks® , and supporting both groups through the creation of quality content and active forums where these athletes developed a quality, supportive community for themselves. Over time we each independently became intrigued by the power and ability of a quality community of athletes to support and provide significant value for themselves through their interactions in these forums.

We noticed that our training plan athletes, whose only interaction with us was via forums, were often smarter, faster, and raced better than our one-on-one athletes
By actively engaging with us and their peers in these forums our athletes learned, created informal accountability systems with their peers, and raced the faster for it.

And so one year later, to the day, we decided to fire ourselves as traditional, expensive, one-on-one coaches…stepping down as the smartest guys in the room, and to create, with our athletes, an extremely high quality community of athletes dedicated to helping each other race their best.  To this very day our mission remains the same – supporting, educating, and advising our members to be the best self-coached athletes possible, within the time constraints placed upon them by their real lives.  

We have come a long way from the early days with a handful of members, a terrible website, and almost no budget. As four-time Ironman® TriClub World Champions, we are now officially the world’s largest and most active triathlon coaching company. Add to that being named the official coaching program of REV3 Triathlon and TriSports.com and it is clear, Endurance Nation is a force sweeping the …. Nation.

Coach Patrick

  • Began coaching full time in 2004, 400+ athletes.
  • 22x Ironman finisher, 9:27 PR, including 7x Hawaii & AG win at IM Texas 2012.
  • East Coast, former Peace Corps, married, two girls, two cats, one dog, time-management guy.

Coach Rich

  • Officially retired from active coaching in May of 2017.
  • Coached Half and Ironman athletes as a full-time job from 2001 through 2016.
  • 8x Ironman finisher, 10:02 PR, including Kona and AG win at Wildflower in 2005. Former NCAA D3 swimmer.
  • West Coast, former US Marine, married, two dogs, into “adventure motorcycling.”

You will find Endurance Nation athletes not only in your town, but across the globe as well.

Triathletes everywhere understand the importance of balancing their training with their busy lives. The Endurance Nation Team Coaching methodology enables athletes of all abilities to be the best on a schedule that fits their lives at an incredibly reasonable price.

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Global Endurance Nation

“Thank you for an amazing four months of training. For the first time in 15 years of running, I’ve learned about intensity training and have improved my 5 and 10k times significantly. I even won a few AG spots. Wow. So exciting.” ~ Alison Miller

Where We Are Today

We are proud to say that Team Endurance Nation is now over 700 members strong. Over half of our members have been with us for more than two years. Their ranks include age group winners, course record holders, Kona qualifiers, podium finishers, front of the pack, middle of the pack, and back of the pack superstars.

More importantly, they are our friends and training partners. We have cheered them on at countless races and have met their husbands, wives, kids, and dogs. We have redefined what it means to be a Team, and we are on a mission to help every willing age group triathlete be their best on a schedule that actually fits their lives at a price they can truly afford.

We invite you to visit the Team during one of our free trial periods or connect with us at your next race. You’ll quickly see that Endurance Nation is truly something special, and that we’ve got a spot saved just for you.

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We hope to see you on the inside soon!
Rich & Patrick
Your Endurance Nation Coaches

“YOU WANT RESULTS??? In two seasons with EN, I went from being a corporate couch potato, where my heavy exercise sessions were walking to the next meeting, to real WORK the EN way. 76 lbs and 3 IM’s later I am going to KONA!!! RnP and the EN team I can’t thank you all enough!!!! This is a 25 year dream come true.” — Matt Samojeden

The Official Overview

More than five thousand athletes have trained and raced the Endurance Nation way since 2007. From stay-at-home mothers of four to high-powered executives with insane travel schedules, we have a proven system that will get you from registration day to race day with the support and guidance you need to be your best. Our articles have been featured in Inside Triathlon, Triathlete magazine, Lava magazine, Active.com, Xtri.com, and TriFuel.com.


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