Women of EN: Forum isn't About Just Triathlon Training

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Women of EN Rock!

Ed note: The following came in from Linda after she was reading the input from all the other women about what makes the EN experience so unique. Thanks for sharing Linda!

“As you know I am very new to EN and I have never found so much support (in one place). Because we have this woman’s thread we can go to it any time of day or night, any day of the week. We often have “issues” (as do men) that we need answers to right away and this is the place. There is no judgment, there are no dumb questions and people come out of the woodwork to reach and and give multiple solutions or suggestions for the initial “thread”.

I have found that I have been able to share and ask questions that I wouldn’t have the nerve to do in retail stores and other TRI environment. There is ALWAYS an answer to your question here. Women being vulnerable with one another allows other women who may have been “holding onto something”to go ahead and put it out there. If this forum doesn’t know the answer or the women think it is better asked in another forum they will be told “where to go” in a very respectful manner.

These women genuinely care about each other, it becomes a family, and you begin to feel as if you have sisters, mothers, or whatever… that you never had in your “real life”. Again, it is not JUST about training, the EN family help each other with their psychological, mental, physical and even spiritual issues. It has been a godsend for me.”

— Linda H, CA


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