Weekly Race Report – 11/6/11

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Here is the official Endurance Nation results update for the week ending on 11/6/2011.

EN had a total of  8  athletes race in a variety of races with a 100% PR rate! Congratulations to everyone — you can read the full details below.

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Races on 11/5

Tyranena Beer Run

Sue Chapman ran this half marathon and PR’d with a time of 2:06.


Ironman® Florida

Brian Comiskey (photo at left) raced to a finish of 11:05 and a PR!  He said “Solid execution with bike and marathon PR’s and also a nice bump in AG placing compared to 2010.  It was great seeing CoachP at the bike start and at Mile 18.”

Scott Davis also earned a new PR with a finish time of 12:33.  He said “Was a near  perfect day for me.  Had a great, uneventful swim, great T-1, smooth and steady on the bike, T-2 was smooth and fast, and I was able to run the entire marathon. Was shooting for sub 13 hrs, and was able to execute! Coach P was at mile 18 giving out that great EN advice, and at the finish to chear us on.”

James Elmer raced to a 11:59:21 finish and a PR.  He said “Great support.  Thanks to Tim Dux for help at the end.  Awesome seeing Coach P at 4 keys talk and at mile 6, 9, 18.    thanks for the great training plan and all the great advice from Wicked Smart Members et al.”

David Morris crossed the line in 11:43 for a new PR as well.  He said “With less preparation and fitness, I confirmed that race day is about execution and not fitness. Despite a slower pace on the run than I hoped for, I still had enough in the tank to prevent a total slowdown shuffle and finish with over an hour PR. Thanks EN! and on course support from coach P!”

Marc Robards took on the Florida course and finished in 11:08:56.

Shawn Thompson raced his first ever IM and finished with a time of 11:46:56.  He said “My First IM was a huge success.  45 minutes faster than expected.  This had nothing to do with my fitness.  In fact I missed more training in the last 6 weeks than the rest of the year.  So instead of focussing on what I want to do, I made an honest assessment of what a can do today and Executed!!!  Work Works, but Execution makes your Race Day!!!!

Steven Wallace finished the race with a PR-worthy time of 13:45 and said “I stuck to the EN plan and was blown away.  I did what my friends nicknamed my riding technique and did the “Yoga ride”  This being the first time I just took it very easy so I set my HR alarm to mid zone 2 and tried to avoid the beeping.  So I ended up being able to run the Marathon while everyone around me, in was walking in the last couple of hours.  I also enjoyed having the team around.  It got me out to a swim practice where I did some sighting work that I think helped me turn in a 1:24 swim when I expected to be 1:30.  Thanks everyone for the great time.”



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