Weekly Race Report – 10/23/11

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Here is the official Endurance Nation results update for the week ending on 10/23/2011.

EN had a total of  4  athletes race in a variety of races with a 71% PR rate! Congratulations to everyone — you can read the full details below.

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Races on 10/23/11


Austin 70.3

Patricia Rosen completed her race in 6:11.  She said “Great race.  Tough conditions on the bike.  Run was not nearly as hot as in prior years.  I was third out of water, third off the bike and third finisher.  Missed second place by 1 minute.  Person who was first finished in 5:43 and was slow in the swim.  I might have caught her on the bike but she was smoking on the run.  She earned her first place handily!  My performance was consistent and typical of my performance on this course… although bike was slower slightly.      Thanks Rich and Patrick for making it possible!  Thoroughly enjoyed meeting others on the team.”

Mark Roberts raced to a finish time of 5:18:15.

George Sadler earned a new PR with a time of 5:18:56.  Of the experience, George said “Couldn’t have done this without the EN team showing the way!  Workworks!!”

Brian Hovey crossed the finish line in 5:18:03, earning a PR.  Brian said “Overall, I was very happy with how this race turned out for me.  Of the three 70.3’s that I have done this one was the most difficult, especially given the wind on the bike and the heat/hills on the run.  I think that theTeam EN training program, especially the track work for the run really helped prepare me for the race.  Since joining, I have now had PR’s at the Olympic and 70.3® distances – thanks!”

Steve Dorris also PR’d in this race with a time of 5:52:56.  Steve said “Good News: beat my 2008 time on this course by over 28 minutes! 15 min faster on the bike and 12 min faster on the run.    Bad News: Poor run execution cost me about 6 min on the run as I fell apart at about 10.5 miles and final mile was a blistering 13:31 pace!  Stooooopid!”


Soma Triathlon

Betsy Kantor raced her very first half ironman and finished in 6:23:08!  Of her first HIM experience she said “Thanks again Coaches R&P.  Its been a fun 20 weeks of training, and I am a believer in the EN WAY.   I got 2nd in age group!  And it wasn’t even my best day (I got a trigger point in my right glut from falling hard for the wetsuit strippers-it bothered me the rest of the day.)  I loved watching people chug past me on uphills then smoking them on the downhill.  Also, loved reeling in folks on  my second loops.  Looking forward to the OS and catching the gal who beat me twice.”

Terry Olivas raced toa 5:03:01 finish and a new PR!  Members can read the full race report here.  Terry said “Who PR’s a HIM in the middle of IM training on no taper and with no appreciable effort whatsoever?  EN members like me.”


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