ENFans: We want to give you a FREE Four Keys DVD!

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It’s been a great summer connecting with so many of you at our free Lake Placid and Wisconsin (links) Tri-Rallies and at the races! Your emails, tweets, shoutouts, handshakes, and thank you’s are sincerely appreciated!

Your gratitude has been very powerful for us, as coaches and leaders, and we have decided to significantly turn up the volume of our FREE vibe.

As a subscriber to our blog, you are all hereby officially dubbed ENFans! As an ENFan, we want to give to you:
A FREE Four Keys DVD!
That’s right, we are giving away our $37 Ironman® Execution DVD that has sold over 3,000 copies, as our thanks for your support!
On Sept 20th we will open the doors and let you in to decide if TeamEN Membership is right for you in 2011. We’ll set you up with a trial training plan, let you sample our members-only resources, and allow you to connect with coaches!

As an ENFan you’ll also receive:

  • A 10% discount on any Endurance Nation training plan or learning product. Just use code ENFan10 in the EN Store here.
  • A subscription to our TeamEN Updates, full of quality training and racing content, exclusive to our ENFans and TeamEN members!
  • Future invitations to join TeamEN, as space becomes available.
  • Opportunity to purchase exclusive ENFan training and racing apparel (coming soon).

Ready to claim your FREE DVD?
Go here to register.

You must register by September 17th for the free DVD. DVD’s will ship around September 20th.

Why Free?
We are creating a free opportunity to connect with Endurance Nation for two simple reasons. First, we have thousands of people inside the EN network, from Facebook Fans to Training Plan users to followers on Twitter, and you can all benefit from being connected to one another. Second, it’s just the right thing to do. Triathlon is supposed to be fun and cool and all about the people, and this move means we can make all three of those things happen for thousands of YOU.

We are grassroots, anti-guru triathlon coaches. We are not former pro triathletes, or AG’ers who bill ourselves as fast guys, telling you that we have the secrets to triathlon greatness and then charging you $$$ for the privilege of letting us coach you, emailing you a couple times per week, or talking to us on the phone. That’s just not how we roll.

As an ENFan, you will simply learn more about the coaches and TeamEN Membership:

  • The Coaches: Do they know what they are doing and are they, as coaches, a good fit for me? If yes, we hope you decide to purchase a training plan from us. We’ll even give you a 10% discount as an ENFan.
  • TeamEN Membership: What does it mean to have access to over 20 training plans, support from the coaches, a Team of over 400 Ironman® and 70.3® athletes, and much more? Do I need these additional resources? Is the Team a good fit for me? If yes, we hope you decide to upgrade from ENFan to TeamEN Member when you receive an invitation from us.

If no…no worries! We simply don’t count the nickles. We prefer to share and let you get to know us. It’s the right thing to do.

Thanks again for all your support. We’ll see you online or at the races!
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