TeamEN vs IMAZ: Weekend Recap, Results and Race Reports

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Arizonawas the last official IM race appearance for the EN coaches and the next-to-last Ironman® on the ’10 calendar. TeamEN had nearly 20 athletes racing in Tempe. A few of the members arrived on Wednesday and Thursday, and met to preview the bike course and organized their own cocktail hour at Rula Bula in downtown Tempe.

Terry Olivas says "Guiness makes you stronger!!"

Rich arrived on Friday afternoon to lead the TeamEN Dinner at…Rula Bula…that evening. Over 35 athletes, friends, and family members were on hand to meet each other and enjoy dinner together

TeamEN dinner at Rula Bula

On Saturday morning the Team and ENFans assembled at the Powerbar bottle at the swim start at 10am for Rich’s Four Keys Talk conducted in the grass just outside the expo. 25 athletes quickly became 50 became 75. All heads were screwed on straight and minds gotten right. Go here to become an ENFan and receive a FREE copy of the Four Keys DVD, the worlds only Ironman® race execution-specific DVD.


Race Day!

Rich went out on the bike course to spectate at about Mile 20, while TeamEN members John Stark, David Ambrose, and Penny Wilson volunteered in transition. When they weren’t helping the athletes they found time to snap a few pictures.

Chrissie exits the water, at the start of her record-breaking performance!

Yes, that's CHUCKIE on the back of a bike!

Sammich saddlebags...NICE!!

Conditions: the water temp was in the low 60’s, which proved to be a problem for some athletes in the water longer than about 1:45. Airtemps were in the mid to high 40’s, but warmed up quickly to the low-mid 60’s…when the wind picked up big time. However, the winds on the bike were opposite of the normal pattern, this time blowing as tailwind out on the Beeline Hwy (a gradual 2% grade for about 8-9mi) and a strong headwind coming back which became much stronger on each lap of the three lap bike course. Athletes saw headwinds, crosswinds, some driving rain, some hail, and even a dust storm!

Rich and the TeamEN Cheering Squad assembled at Mile 17-18 with the ENFlag to cheer on their teammates…with a little help!

TeamEN, sponsored by Newcastle

The squad hammed it up for the Team and the athletes on the course until it got dark, and then retired to the finishline, where Rich was able to greet most of the TeamEN finishers, thanks to their teammates back at home watching the feed and texting Rich as athletes came across the finishline video feed.

At around 9:30pm, many of the finishers assembled at…Rula Bula…for burgers, beers, race reports and tall tales!

Below are Race Reports, Podcasts, and Finishline Interviews from TeamEN athletes
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Greg Charbeneau: 10:04, Kona Qualifier
Read Greg’s Race Report / Listen to Greg’s Race Report Podcast Here

Paul Hough: 10:36Read Paul’s Race Report / Listen to Paul’s Race Report Podcast Here

Gilberto Hernandez: 11:19
Read Gilberto’s Race Report / Listen to Gilberto’s Race Report Podcast Here

Terry Olivas: 12:26
Read Terry’s Race Report

Scott Dinhofer: 13:57
Read Scott’s Race Report

Ellen Charnley – 12:37
Read Ellen’s Race Report / Listen to Ellen’s Race Report Podcast Here

Chuck Peterson – 14:25
Read Chuck’s Race Report

Colin Cook: 10:40
Read Colin’s Race Report / Listen to Colin’s Race Report Podcast Here

Julia Herrmann: 14:45
Read Julia’s Race Report / Listen to Julia’s Race Report Podcast Here

Adam Ainbinder – 11:38
Read Adam’s Race Report

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