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Here is another weekly installment of updates from our Team members who use Twitter. If you’d like to be considered, be sure to write really cool or witty stuff and include the hashtag “#workworks” into your tweets! Go Nation, Go!


Jim Hansen: 82 mile ride @ .79 IF & 260 TSS in 4 hrs followed by 3 mile run @ 6:30 pace. Took in 160 oz fluids & still lost 7 lbs! #workworks

Team EN: Blog: #Ironman® Wisconsin Tri-Rally – Coach’s Epilogue — reflections on 10wks on the road supporting the team #workworks

Team EN: Added Wisconsin Four Keys, Adv Racing Topics, P’s IMUSA Overview podcasts to Wiki:

mancona: Done pretending to be a cyclist for the weekend. 20 hours, 355 miles, and 16k feet climbing over 4 days #workworks


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