Race Results Update – 9/26/12

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50% PR rate, positive experiences, and good stories. This weeks’ race report has us smiling big.

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Races on 9/9/12

Matt Aaronson raced in the Ironman® 70.3® World Championship and executed a course PR in the process. Read more about his experience here.

Sam Ritter made Ironman® Wisconsin 2012 his first Ironman. He says, “EN taught me to think on the course and conserve energy in the race.” Glad you checked in with us, Sam. Keep it up!

Christopher Souza also kicked it in his first Ironman, the Rev3 Cedar Point Full Rev 140.6. He’s pumped. He said, “First Ironman® in the books, hell yeah. Not so sure I could have gotten there without EN. Besides the training plan and the forums, the help with advice with race day pacing was incredible. I felt amazing thru the entire day (except for me knee but you have to read the report to hear about that). I’m ready for my second IM at Mont-Tremblant next year and looking forward to continuing with EN.  Thanks for helping me crush a number or PR’s this season and getting thru my first IM.”


Steve Ross had a finishing time of 12:32:10 at Mont Tremblant 2012, where he says the race was made great by the people who organized it. “This event is a premier event from the organization to the course outlay. As well the volunteers and locals were well involved to help make this an event to remember,” he said.


Julie Pfeifle shaved 6 minutes off her time at Redman Long Course Nationals and was elated by her results. “I’m absolutely thrilled with this race… at age 52 and after 15+ years of doing tris, to set a PR is extremely COOL!  I joined EN this year to get stronger on the bike and to improve my race execution.  Both goals achieved in this race with 8′ knocked off my bike split and a well  paced, no energy lag race! Huge thanks to Coach RnP, EN Team, and the Core Diet folks (my secret weapon!)” Read more about the race here.


James Gross checked in after his performance at the Branson 70.3, giving us the lowdown on his day out that included some good samaritan action and his best swim ever.

“The Swim:  A beautiful chilly morning that was a bit chilly but the water temp was terrific.  My wave was nearly 100 strong.  Most everyone wore wetsuits –  Usually I swear off triathlons about 200 yards into the swim.  Not on that day.  That day I had my best swim in open water to date.    The Bike:  Long story short, I had to ride an unfamiliar bike and did not even get to pedal it until after I got out of T1.  I dropped the chain 7 times on the ride.  But I took it in stride and got a respectable ride out of the very hilly but beautiful and mostly closed course. 4300 feet of climbing. Your average will be 3-4 mph slower on this course than usual.  Just ask Andy Potts. The Run:  Not so good.  The course was quite flat and interesting but my stomach had other plans that day.  Spent 5 minutes in the porta-john and had to walk often. When I could run, it wasn’t so bad. All things considered, I am pretty happy with the results.  The whole bike situation stressed me out quite a bit but I just went with it.  I found a loaner from a complete stranger via a local bike shop. How lucky was I?! And the best moment?  My friend, who also completed the 70.3® but trained on her own had this to say on the way home, “You Know, this might sound funny, but training works.” How about that!  I had the biggest grin on my face just after she said that.  This wasn’t really surprising to her, she was just confirming it. I think I just may return to Branson in 2013.”



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