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Wicked Smart Members (WSM’s) are TeamEN athletes who’ve been recognized by their peers as being…wicked smart…with wicked triathlon coaching skills. Whenever a WSM speaks on pretty much any topic, their opinions and advice carry as much or more weight as the coaches themselves.

WSM nominations are submitted by the Team, not the coaches, with zero regard for how fast the athlete is. Instead, the WSM is acknowledged and respected for their knowledge and experience, and for sharing those openly with their peers on every occasion.

Winter 2010 Wicked Smart Members

Al Truscott

Al is an age group winner and course record holder at Coeur d’Alene and IMAZ…but we don’t really care about that. Al is wicked smart on a range of training and racing topics, and always steps up to the plate to share his expertise with his teammates. 
Listen to Al’s Coeur d’Alene’10 race report interview here

Matt Samojeden

Matt, at IMLou, flashing the EN Gang Sign

Matt has gone from the couch to Kona in 2.5yrs, 2 of those with TeamEN…but we don’t care about that. In the lead up to IMLou’10, Matt used his wicked smarts and mad Excel skills to do some wicked smart analysis of historical run performances from hundreds of athletes at dozens of Ironmans, across in a variety of terrain and heat conditions. Matt shared this tool with the team and then applied these lessons to his performance at IMLou: on a wicked hot day, Matt ran down his competition and qualified for Kona…because he’s wicked smart and raced better than everyone else. Matt is now leading a team of WSM’s and smart computer types to create an even more comprehensive modeling and pacing tool for the team.
Listen to Matt’s IMLou’10 race report and “couch to Kona” interview here.

Mike Graffeo

Mike getting it done and looking great at IMUSA'10

Mike has been with us for a couple years now and has really absorbed the EN training and racing philosophies. He’s also a great communicator and always eager to pay it forward by helping his teammates solve their training and racing issues.

Dr Kitima “Kitboo” Boonvisudhi

Kitboo, cheating on her tri-bike!!

Doc Kitboo has lent her medical expertise to the team for years in our all-volunteer, member-led “Medical Help Forum.” This summer she used her skills to create for the Team a wicked smart wiki post on hydration. Finally, she is wicked smart in all things power training and racing related.
Meet Kitima here, listen to her IMWI’10 race report interview here

Leigh Boyle

Leigh in one of her many "hats"

Leigh is an ENOG (Original Gangsta), following Rich over from his Crucible Fitness days. She’s a wicked smart physical therapist in New Hampshire and has used her skills to create a range of core strength, self-help, and injury re-hab goodness for the team. She has also completed two Tours of California with us and is scheduled for a third in 2011. Be sure to check out her website, Athletes Treating Athletes, and share it with your friends!

Hayes Sanborn

Hayes representing EN while getting his cross on

Hayes is another ENOG, also following Rich over from Crucible Fitness. He’s been sharing his training and racing knowledge with his teammates for years, and is an unofficial EN Sleeper Cell Leader in the Midwest, organizing camps and riding weekends on the Wisconsin course for his teammates

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