Meet the Team: Rev 3 Quassy, Ironman Kansas and Ironman Eagleman

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WOW!  June is starting out with a BANG for TeamEN.  We have teammates racing all over the country!  Last weekend was Rev 3 Quassy (Connecticut), Ironman® 70.3® Honu, Ironman® 70.3® Mooseman (New Hampshire) and Escape From Alcatraz!  This weekend is no different with Ironman® 70.3® Kansas, Ironman® 70.3® Eagleman (Maryland) and Ironman® 70.3® Boise.  Plus many, many more races we don’t have room to mention!

We are spotlighting a couple of noted races below for our Meet the Team bios and racer list.


Ironman® 70.3® Kansas – Sunday, June 12, 2011

TeamEN Racers: William Jenks, Carl Noftsger, Lauren Parello, Dan Gilliatt, Ebe Boettcher, Brant Luebbe, Daniela Williams, Wes Hepker, Jeremy Richardson, Todd Mellinger, Jon Bergmann, Michael  Johnson, Mike Welsh, Mike Bland, Trevor Garson.


William Jenks

I’m your standard 40-something working-dude with a wife, kids and a busy life.  By day, I’m a chemistry professor at Iowa State University, and in the evenings I can often be caught doing things like schlepping or helping coach my three kids at soccer.  All three enjoy triathlon – two 10 year olds and a 16 year old.  I started running in graduate school, and eventually improved to the point of qualifying for Boston and ran my PR of 3:16:40 at Boston in in 2010.  I only started biking about 5 years ago when I picked up triathlon along with my oldest son; I’m a competent but pretty average swimmer.  An advantage of all this is that I can still set PRs even at this stage of life!  I’ve done several HIM races and one round of IM MOO.  This is my second season with EN.


Michael Johnson

Salina, KS (2 hours West of Lawrence)
3rd time at IMKS70.3
Last Year was 5:43
Goal this year is Faster that 5:43….esp the run…did 2:07 last year (Open HM is 1:48)
My B race in prep for Louisville this year.


Brant Luebbe

Kansas will be my first Half Ironman.  I did my first triathlon a little over a year ago as a way to get back into shape and lose some weight.  I am a General Surgeon so training time has been a little sporadic at times but the EN plan has been perfect for me.  Now 25 pounds lighter, I am ready to tackle the Half Ironman® distance.  A little extra training motivation is that my brother-in-law will be doing this race also.  I have a very supportive wife, Jeanne, and 2 great kids who are 4 and 1.  I can’t wait to put the EN principles into practice this weekend.


Carl Noftsger

Age: 38
This will be my second Kansas 70.3.  Finished last year in 5:47….lofty goal this year so hope to beat it.  First year racing with power and it has been great.


Ironman® 70.3® Eagleman – Sunday, June 12, 2011

TeamEN Racers: Becky Hirselj, John Buchovecky, Tim Jardeleza, Paul Meloan, Dan  Jacquemin, Jonathan Lieberman, George Schlossnagle, Venkatesh Krishnamurthi, Jim Snow, Rob Allen.

Venkatesh Krishnamurthi

Mens 40-44 (44 2 weeks ago)

Native of Northeast Ohio-born, raised and lived for all but 5 years in Cleveland Ohio area. Married for almost 13 years to wife, Smitha, and 2 boys ages 9+ (almost 10) and 8.5. Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Surgeon & Urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Triathlon “career” started in 2008 with Cleveland Triathlon (Olympic). Since then have done 4 ½ IMs and last year did 1st full IM (IM Wisconsin).  2011 Eagleman will be the 1st triathlon that I am repeating (did 2010 Eagleman) so will see if I’ve gotten better J. Picture is from March 2011when Smitha and I went to Singapore for my work, and I managed to include Ironman® Singapore 70.3. Interesting experience …


Rev 3 Quassy – Sunday, June 4 and 5, 2011

TeamEN Rev 3 Quassy Crew

TeamEN Racers: Doris “Dottie” Catlin, Kevin Mepham, Henry Chan, Jim Daley, Tom Hanlon, Brandon Shin, Kim DuBord, Carly Costanza, Larry Pfeffer, Greg  Dowd, Simon Shurey.

Jim Daley

Hello – My name is Jim Daley from Delmar, NY.  That is just outside of Albany, about 2.5 hours north of NYC and 2.5 hours south of Lake Placid.  I’m a former rugby player and am now in my third year of triathlon.  I did my first HIM (Timberman) last year, and my A race for this year is IM Lake Placid.  Thanks to EN I am in much better shape than I was last year for Timberman, and am hoping to significantly improve my time.  Then again, everyone keeps telling me what a challenging, hilly course Quassy is, especially for someone like me (206 lbs – but dropping!).  I am married with one daughter, shown below on a backpacking trip in the Adirondacks.  I work for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, in charge of our fish hatchery program.  When not training I enjoy fly fishing, backpacking, winter mountaineering, reading, and the occasional game of chess.  More than enough to keep me occupied!

TeamEN Members: read Jim’s race report here

Dottie Catlin

Hi Everyone – I’m Dottie Catlin. Currently I live in Dedham, MA with my wife, our three kids (5y/3y/9mo) and our 10yo yellow lab. It’s a busy place! My wife participated in two Olympic Games, so we consider sports a real part of our lifestyle, not just a passing phase. Quassy will be my second HIM, and I’m excited to see if I am in fact “back in the game” 9 months post-partum. I feel good and this EN training has been great. I love the team, and everyone has been helpful to me as a noob. I’m really looking forward to seeing where my fitness is in relation to years past–but, NOT going in with any time expectations. Just sticking to the plan and seeing where it lands me. Thank you for helping me become so strategic! I feel relatively calm and comfortable leading up to this race. Hopefully that’s how I’m supposed to feel!

TeamEN Members: read Dottie’s race report here

Kevin Mepham

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 2002 I moved with my wife and young children from San Jose to Amherst Massachusetts because we wanted to live the New England small college town life.  I’d always gotten away with a sedentary lifestyle – my wife couldn’t use my name and “athlete” in the same sentence without cracking up.  But in summer 2008, I suddenly noticed my growing potbelly and decided I’d try remaking myself as an athlete, as alien as that concept seemed at the time.  By 2009 I’d lost 40 pounds and settled on triathlon as the ideal way to organize and motivate a balanced fitness program.  My first triathlon season in 2010 was a shock – in five local races I podiumed three times, including a first place in my second-ever race.  This year I’m moving up to long-course and we’ll see how it goes.  When I’m not racing triathlon, I sing Gilbert & Sullivan, breathe underwater, devour sci-fi, play LOTRO, crank progressive metal, practice Buddhism, cook vegetarian, love my wife, and embarrass my children.

TeamEN Members: read Kevin’s race report here


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