Meet the Team: Saint George and White Lake Half

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This weekend is another busy one here at TeamENHQ, as 7 athletes race Ironman® Saint George and 3 race White Lake Half.

Meet our Ironman® St George squad on our fancy new “TeamEN vs IMSG” website here. This is where we will park all of our IMSG-specific tips and content, free for the public, and then use this site as the model to build out similar sites for ALL of the other US Ironman. Be sure to check it out!

Meet our White Lake Half  Ironman® Squad below:

Dusty Holcomb
2011 is my second season of triathlon and endurance sports in general.  I’ve always been physically active but as a former ball player I’ve spent much of my time working out just lifting weights and “getting stronger.”. A couple of years ago I bought a road bike and signed up for my first century ride.  After completing that I knew that endurance sports were for me and that I needed to find a new challenge.  Triathlon appealed because I knew it would be a stretch for me.  Running was something that I did not for fun but as punishment when I played ball.  Not anymore!  I’m addicted to the training and can’t wait to race.  What’s really cool to me is the difference a year can make.  In May 2010 I ran for the first time.  This May I am doing my first half iron race and will be doing Florida in November!  I couldn’t have done it without my EN teammates and the knowledge and encouragement that has been so freely given!

Dave Campbell
This race will begin my 9th year racing triathlons and will be my 15th 1/2IM distance race.  I’ve been with Endurance Nation since it was Crucible Fitness back in 2004.  This will be my 3rd race at White Lake, the other two being 2009 and 2010.  I picked this race as a training race leading up to Lake Placid in July.  My past 2 experiences here have been plagued by starting the race with running related injuries.  I have yet to have the race I should on this course.  I’m looking to change that this year.  White Lake is the kind of course that should be yield a PR if everything falls into place.  It’s a flat as they get.  The course can be hot and windy.  The location is an excellent venue for a race and one of the reasons I return.  I’ve rented a large house with several EN team members sharing.  I volunteered to be Race Captain this year because I want to help build the ½ distance experience and team spirit around this race.   Good Luck Saturday to all!  Let’s go Crush this Thing!


Scott Davis
Age 42
High Point, NC
Owner – Viz-It, LLC (computer graphics and visualization)

I am the proud father of two beautiful girls, Hayden and Kiana. I have been competing in sprint triathlons off an on for the last five years. I had  planned to do a HIM two years ago but after my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the young age of 40, my plans obviously changed to support her through her treatment. Now that she is two years cancer free, I decided that I am not getting any younger! I am looking forward to finishing my very first HIM in preparation for Florida later this year. I chose White Lake since it is close by and fit into my schedule. After joining Endurance Nation in the fall, and competing my first Out Season I feel that I am both physically and mentally prepared to have a great and enjoyable race at White Lake.

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