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One of the most popular races in the triathlon world, Ironman® Coeur d’Alene is happening this weekend, and Team EN is psyched to win! Summer officially arrives on Friday, but Team EN will bring the heat on Saturday, and while the weather looks like it’s going to cooperate with mild temps and partly cloudy skies, hydration and nutrition are still going to be key. Let’s take a look at some of the TeamEN members who will make the trek.

Dino Sarti

I have been a member of Endurance Nation since 2011 and have been racing triathlon since getting hooked at the Malibu Classic Distance in 2010. Since getting into triathlon three years ago, I have lost over 70 pounds!

Ironman® Coeur d’Arlene will be my first full Ironman® distance race. I am pretty active in cycling and am the president of the Pasadena Triathlon Club.

My goal for Coeur d’Arlene is to execute like a ninja, set up a great run, and finish smiling ear-to-ear!

Peter Carroll

Peter Carroll - Team Endurance Nation

I’ve been doing triathlons since 2010. I did Coeur d’Alene in 2010, the 2nd triathlon I had ever done. I joined EN 6 months before that race and I felt like I knew what I was doing. I’ve done a handful of half IM since then. This year I turn 40 and am doing Coeur d’Alene and IM Tahoe.

I’m married and have 2 kids (3 ½ and 7 ½) and I do computer work at UC Davis.

Kriss Dellota

I am from Wellington, Colorado which is just north for Fort Collins, Colorado. I have been in the sport on and off for about 20 years, but just started doing Ironman® distance three years ago with my first Ironman® at St. George, Utah.

Needless to say, that day was epic and extremely challenging all at once. I am looking forward to another great day at Ironman® CDA for my second race and hope to PR. I had an ankle surgery less than a year ago in which the doctors were skeptical I would be able to compete. I am also fundraising this year through the Ironman® Foundation for Safe Kids which provide helmets to underprivileged kids who come through the Emergency Department. It has added a whole different level to this experience. I am looking forward to the Tri Club competition which should be a fun addition as well.

Patricia McQuade

I reside in Cornville, AZ (near Sedona) – telecommute from my home as an Commercial Insurance Broker for an agency in San Diego, CA.

Married to Bill (32 years), 3 children and almost 8 grandchildren (#8 due in August).

I was introduced to triahtlon as a spectator in 1990 when my son competed as a teenager; I was busy doing endurance horse racing at the time.

I became a breast cancer survivor in 1995 and started running. Did my first marathon in 1998; got bored with just running and starting cycling; then an interest in triathlon resurfaced.
Did my first triathlon in 2006, 1st HIM 5 weeks later; attempted IM Wisconsin in 2007 (DNF), went back and finished in 2008. I’ve also done IM Arizona (twice), IM Cozumel, and IM Louisville. I’m working towards a Kona Legacy Lottery slot (not fast enough to qualify).

My husband, a good friend, and my son-in-law will all be racing with me.

Race day goals: finish, not finish last, not finish last in my age group, finish under 15 hours, celebrate.

Mike Weinmann

MIke Weinmann - Team Endurance Nation

I am from Summit, New Jersey where I live with my amazing and supportive wife and 3 awesome children (including 2 bona fide triathletes!) Did my first sprint in late 2010, a half-IM in 2011 and Texas + IMNYC in 2012.







Mark Cardinale

Mark Cardinale - Team Endurance Nation

I am 43 years old from Parker, Colorado. I am happily married to my wife Amy and we have 2 beautiful children, Lucas age 10 and Sophia age 7. This is my second full season with the sport of Triathlon and my first season with EN. Coeur d’Alene will be my first full distance Ironman® and I am excited just to make it to the starting line. In December of 2012 I suffered a broken hip from a bike accident. Since then I have done everything in my power to heal and put myself in a position to do this race. My primary goals for the day are to enjoy the experience, stay in the moment, and make good decisions throughout the day. I look forward to race day and meeting all the EN peeps. Good luck all!


Gonzalo Canteros-Paz - Team Endurance NationGonzalo Canteros-Paz

I am currently living in Ohio near Columbus (originally from Argentina) with my wife and 3 kids (2 already have done their first few races and the other is a 3 month old baby girl) I started with triathlons 3 years ago and before that used to play rugby all my life (too many hits over the years….)
IM CDA will be my 3rd Ironman® race, looking forward to meeting you all!

Eric Blakie

Eric Blakie - Team Endurance Nation

I live in the NE of England with my wife Dot–very near the original Washington. We have three kids now 29, 30 and 31, the oldest being a daughter, the others sons. I started triathlon 11 years ago and have completed 28 Ironmans so far, including Hawaii in 2011. Both sons also do triathlon, and Alan the oldest will be racing in CdA too– and he’s pretty quick, having done a 3.08 marathon leg at IM Wales last year. It will be his 4th IM. We’d both like to qualify –me again since although I finished in 2011 and got the tee shirt I had a calf injury so the run was mainly a walk—I’d like to do it justice!



Jessie Stevens

JessieStevens-Coeur d'Alene

Hey! My husband, Danny Stevens, and I are currently living in a small town in Oregon. We started racing sprint triathlons together in early 2009, did our first 70.3® races last summer, and are both using IM Coeur d’Alene as our first Ironman!

Because it’s my first Ironman, my goals are #1: Finish and have a great time getting to the finish line (same as Danny), #2: Finish under 14 hours (Danny’s shooting for 12), and #3: Stay cool, calm, and collected if things don’t go 100% as planned (Danny #3 is to stick to his nutrition plan). We have loved using Endurance Nation to guide and prepare us on our way to Ironman® and we can’t wait to see how the day goes!!

Carly Morse

Carly Morse - Team Endurance Nation

Pullman, Washington. CDA will be my third Ironman® (CDA 2010, AZ 2011) and I have been with Endurance Nation since 2009. Hoping for a great day out there and to have a smile on my face for the majority (if not all) of the day – we do this because it is fun, right!! My best friend is volunteering at the finish line so really, the big goal is to finish before her shift is over. I’ll be racing in a sponsor kit, but will be on the lookout and cheering for the ENers all race!




Mark Hickman

I am from Kalispell, MT, but currently living in Spanaway, WA. I am a Soldier with the US Army, and have been for over 21 years.

I started getting into endurance sports in 2010 with ultrarunning, and then was talked into do some triathlons in 2011, and have been hooked ever since.

IM CDA will be my first full IM, and my first with Endurance Nation.

My goals for the race are to race a smart race, conserve in the right places, push in the right places. Having never done an IM, I’m not sure what I am capable of, but have set under 13 hours as a goal. Figuring 1:15 swim, 7:00 bike, 4:45 run, including transitions.

If nothing else, I want to finish, I want to do it with a smile, I want to be safe, and I want to be an inspiration to some folks I have attending.

Christy Beal

ChristyBeal-Coeur d'Alene

This is my second IM, last year I did Louisville in 95 degree heat, this year I was hoping for a cooler and less humid race. I am from New Jersey, and we are making this a big family trip since we are traveling so far. I hope to beat my Louisville time of 16 hours, I spent a lot of time in transition and at rest stops trying to cool off, this time around I should be better with the temp. I am a little worried about the hills, we don’t have them where I live, but I am confident in my pacing and training. I am looking forward to meeting everyone on the team when we are in Idaho.



Brandon Cantrell

I’m from Huntsville, AL and I’ve been doing triathlons for 3 years now. This will be my first full ironman. My goal for this race is to execute well, and my super secret A goal is to run sub 3:30 marathon.

I’ve been running for 5 years, and been active in sports most of my life. I played collegiate tennis for several years and continued that a few years after college. I then became hooked on running. After buying a road bike for cross-training purposes, the rest is history 🙂

Ted Wangsanutr

I’m from Orange County and I’ve been doing triathlons for about 4 years. I took a break in 2009 and some friends that had started to get the triathlon bug decided to do an Ironman® and asked if I wanted to join. I figured…..Why not!?! I’ve been wanting to do one for a while. I consulted with my previous coach Noah Hudson, from Team in Training and he told me that he used Endurance Nation for his training schedule for his last Ironman® where he broke sub 10. As far as my race day goals, I plan on being out of the water in under 90 minutes as I currently swim at a 2:00/100yd pace and that is my cruising speed. I plan to have my bike split in under 6:30 as I think my speed will take a bit of a hit due to the hills. I plan on running the marathon portion in under 5hrs. My goal is to run sub 11 min miles. Total time will hopefully be sub 13:00, kind of giving my self a range of 12:45-13:15.

Michael Blackburn

My name is Mike Blackburn and I’m from West Bloomfield (Detroit Area), Michigan. This is my 7th year in the sport and my 4th Ironman. My primary goal is to prove to my two sons, and anyone else watching that anything is possible with smart work and discipline, (ironically, I am heading to race day by myself this time). My secondary goal is to prove to myself that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. A wise man once said “It’s your capacity to work, and ability to understand why you are working that will set you apart” (Coach Patrick). I have the answer to “The Reason” and that is all I need 🙂 – Bring it on!

Erik Svendsen

I’m from Littleton, CO. I started participating in triathlon 5 yrs ago as a celebration of turning 40. Now I’m about to start my first ironman and I’m excited and nervous at the same time. My wife and daughters have been such amazing supporters of mine through this journey and without them I couldn’t have gotten to the start line – Thank you. Have a great race everyone!

Julia Hermann

I live in Costa Mesa CA. This is my 4th ironman, but the first with pine trees as scenery! Race day goals: don’t freeze on the swim, keep my head on the bike, and push “the line” just past the finish line!

Greg Fay

Born and raised in Kansas City! I was sucked into the Tri/IM vortex 3 years ago and am celebrating 50 by trying to tackle two “destination” IMs this year. Am so excited to see CdA…heard it’s beautiful. Hope to have improved on the swim and maybe even the run from the past. Am behind on the bike a bit but hoping to do OK, but especially improve on not overdoing it and killing the run!


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