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We have 8 TeamEN happy camper’s heading to Gilford, New Hampshire this Sunday.  The bike and run courses look absolutely beautiful!  This is one of those races where EN members rock the course, yet again.  And the potential thunder storms in the forecast will only add to the fun!

Meet a few of our team racing Timberman below.

Scott Feder

First time racing Timberman.  The 1/2 is my favorite distance. Have done almost 12 in 10 years of racing.  I live in Westport, Ct., an optimal location in the north east for Triathlon training and racing. The ocean is less than 1/2 mile away and plenty of hilly terrain to ride when venturing inland.  I will be making this trip up to Lake Winnipesaukee solo so could use all the positive EN support available for a highly successful.

Kim DuBord

Hi!  My name is Kim DuBord and I am racing Timberman next week for my first HIM.  I did my first tri, a women’s sprint, in Sept. 2009 and have been hooked, and increasing distance ever since.  I definitely still have a lot to learn, and speed to gain but have made some great strides since joining EN for the OS in Nov.  Looking forward to meeting some fellow EN-ers and completing my first HIM!

Kevin Mepham

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 2002 I moved with my wife and young children from San Jose to Amherst Massachusetts because we wanted to live the New England small college town life.  I’d always gotten away with a sedentary lifestyle – my wife couldn’t use my name and “athlete” in the same sentence without cracking up.  But in summer 2008, I suddenly noticed my growing potbelly and decided I’d try remaking myself as an athlete, as utterly alien as that concept seemed at the time.  By 2009 I’d lost 40 pounds and settled on triathlon as the ideal way to organize and motivate a balanced fitness program.  My first triathlon season in 2010 was a shock – in five local races I podiumed three times, including a first place in my second-ever race.  This year I’m moving up to long-course and we’ll see how it goes.  Timberman 70.3® has special significance because I’m racing to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation; you can donate to this worthy cause via my page at

When I’m not racing triathlon, I sing Gilbert & Sullivan, breathe underwater, devour sci-fi, play LOTRO, crank progressive metal, practice Buddhism, cook vegetarian, love my wife, and embarrass my children.


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