Meet The Team: 2012 Ironman World Championships (Kona)

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It’s Kona week!  Uber-fit tri-geeks are descending on the Big Island, The Aloha spirit is happening, and Endurance Nation is there in force with 11 EN rock stars ready to roll.   And not just racers!  We have quite a few TeamEN members on the island ready to help out and volunteering on race day.  Very, very cool.

For your reading pleasure, we have a few of our members bios below.


Patrick McCrann

Endurance Nation Coach and Co-Founder

This is my fifth trip to the Big Show. I am excited to head back to the island to test my fitness and resolve. This is truly an extra bonus for me, as I even getting back to Kona was a long shot. As if qualifying wasn’t hard enough, training for the last ten weeks has been pretty much the hardest thing I have done in my tri life. The net is I am pretty fit, and pretty ready, so now it’s time to see what the Island gods have in store for my day. My trip of full five days of trigeekery kicks off at 3am tomorrow morning…so it’s time for me to go to bed. Stay tuned to Twitter (www.twitter.com/pmccrann) for full updates and thanks for your support. Go Team EN!

Bradly Loescher

Hi Team.  I’m Brad Loescher, 48 years old and reside outside of Philadelphia in Yardley, PA with my lovely wife Amy and son Grant (16).  This will be my 10th Ironman, and I am very fortunate to say second time at the Ironman® World Championships.  I have two goals for this year’s race (a) improve my performance over last time (b) and enjoy myself.  Last time things went by so fast that during this year’s race I want to make sure I really appreciate, and soak up, participating in such a special race.  Good luck to everyone racing!!

Dave Tallo

I’m Dave Tallo and I’m so happy to be a part of Team Endurance Nation in Kona!  I race in the 40-44 age group, and qualified at Wisconsin in 2011, giving me a 13-month victory lap to enjoy being a Kona qualifier.  This is my first time in Hawaii, and will be my 14th Ironman.  I came over to EN after being one of Rich’s Crucible Fitness athletes, and I love being part of this team.  My goals at Kona are to enjoy the day and put together the best race that my fitness and the conditions will allow!

Carol Defazio

I am Carol DeFazio from Little Silver, NJ.  I am a 62-year old Grammie of four who has been doing triathlons for about 7 years. I am so excited to be here in Kona right now training for what I hope to be one of the most spectacular days of my life.  I qualified for Kona in August at the Ironman® NY/NJ.  I am so lucky and thankful to EN for getting me to that finish line (my first Ironman!); and especially to  where I am right now – this beautiful place on earth!  I am really looking forward to some training rides with the other ENers this week and seeing all of those ENers out on the course on Oct. 13th!   I could not have done any of this without my husband, Turby Wright, who you will all “meet” on EN next year while he trains for IMLP!   My goals for this race are to make all of the cutoffs and to truly enjoy every minute of the day.  Thanks for all of the great EN support!

Al Truscott

63 yrs old, 14 years in triathlon, 24th IM. This is a redemption race for me. 7 x qualifying, 4th time heading for Kona, but only one finish … so far. Three years ago, I raced stoopidly, and dropped out with severe dehydration @ mile 10. Two years ago, 3 weeks before the race, I rode myself into the back of an unseen pickup, and into the hospital for two weeks. It’s taken me the past two years to get back into the shape I was then, but now I’m ready to celebrate and enjoy the day. My goals: a graceful, grateful race, and don’t blow up on the run. My wife, sister and bro-in-law will all be here, and they don’t want me to be a party-pooper.

Scott Starr

Scott Starr  – Kona 2012 Lottery Winner!

My name is Scott Starr, and this will be my 1st IM, as I lotteried in ~ 6 months ago. On a whim, after trying to sign up for the NY Marathon, and then deciding if I do the Boston Marathon I want to qualify, I took a peek at the IM website and thought “what the hell?!”. And, now, here I am. I feel very grateful for the lottery program as I am not sure I would have chosen to undertake such an incredible goal without the allure of Kona – I felt I just couldn’t say no or make any excuses when presented an opportunity that I know many people striver for years and years to obtain. Anyway, and again, here I am, and ready to go for it in just a few days.

The training has been amazing, as I have learned a lot about myself and increased my ability to push and compete in a whole new way. I have a new definition of “commitment” and have built strength in my word – I know when I say I am going to do something, I am going to do it. (I’m not 100% but I am much stronger in it!) As an extension of that, I keep thinking when I say to my daughter that “You can be and do anything you want in the world” that I have a new belief in those words. I have a new concept of myself as an athlete, lost 15 lbs in the process, demolished my former half marathon PR, and am very proud to be competing in October amongst the pros, age group winners, and so many others who earned their spot through incredible hard work and dedication.

Professionally, I am an engineer with an MBA and I work in the field of Renewable Energy (solar PV and biofuels). More germane to Kona, I also work with an amazing “human potential” program known as Executive Success Programs (www.ethilogia.com), with whom I have been training for the IM, in addition to learning lots through EN.

I currently live in Saratoga Springs NY with my wife Cristina, baby girl Berkeley, and our dog Manchego.  I look forward to meeting the team in HI! Advice for a first timer welcome!

Niels Esmeijer

What’s up fellow spandex fanatics! My name is Niels and I’m a 29yr old management consultant from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This is my second year doing triathlons. Last year (while living in Chicago getting my MBA) I signed up with some friends for Ironman® 70.3® St Croix . After finishing I felt so good that I decided I wanted to try a full distance race as well and ended up at the inaugural Challenge Henley (close to London, UK)

I’m and EN member since February and have made steady progress so far. I’ve lowered my HIM PB to 4:21 and made it to Kona by qualifying at IM Louisville. My goal for Kona is just to go out there and enjoy the experience. That’s at least what I keep telling myself. If previous races are any indicator, I’ll probably tell myself at the start line: “now we’re here, we might as well give it everything we got!. Anyway, I’m sure that I’ll have an awesome time in Kona and can’t wait for some sunshine (the Dutch fall is horrible…)

Woody Freese

Woody Freese – Boston, MA

I recently celebrated the 29th anniversary of turning 21 – and am thrilled to be going to Kona, via the new WTC Legacy Program.

Despite a lengthy history as a middle-of-the-pack athlete, the emotional pendulum swings far and wide when I think of Saturday, 13 October.  Thoughts range from euphoria to almost crapping in my pants.  I have been able to calm the nerves by appreciating that it will not be difficult to find my bike in T1!

Other than my beautiful daughter, Keegan and my wonderful partner, Sue – I am viewing the opportunity to compete in Kona as one of the most amazing gifts in the world.  This is the culmination of 29 years of multi-sport activity – including 26 IM finishes.

As my college track coach once said: “If you have to ask why – you’ll never understand!”  Looking forward to seeing everyone on  the Big Island!

Kit Bryan

My name is Kit Bryan.  I competed (perhaps I should use the word survived! ) in the St George, Utah ironman this past May.  This was my first ironman!!  What an introduction to the sport…. 3-5 ft waves and 30-40 mph winds!  I am glad that I perservered and kept going… allowing me to be lucky enough to qualify for Kona!  This will be my first trip to the Aloha state and I am SO EXCITED!

In my professional life, I am a massage therapist in Westerly, RI and I have lived in Mystic , CT for 20 yrs.  My past experience with triathlons have been all the shorter distances – from sprints to half- ironman.  Prior to triathlons – I did crit and road racing, was a member of the U.S. National Team Handball squad and competed in rodeos in goat tying.


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