Meet The Team: 2012 Mont Tremblant

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The team has gone north of the border to see what the Canucks have in store for them.  Rumor has it the water temp is a tepid 72 degrees and the roads for the bike are smooth as glass.  It is the run course that appears to be a challenge.  But isn’t that always the way at an Ironman.  It’s all about the run, baby!

Meet a few of our rock stars below and good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

Steve Ross

Hey EN peeps Steve Ross from north of the border living in Ottawa Ontario Canada with my lovely and very supportive wife Brenda. Whom you all probably know, if not where have you all been lol, and my son Druce.
This is my 7th IM/ID to date and the first one my son will have seen me do! This is my second full season with the EN team and 10 yrs in this crazy sport. I am amazed at how much I keep learning. No pressure on myself this year, no in before dark etc. I want to just race smart, enjoy, and have a successful day.

Looking forward to racing in a new 1st year IM race here in Canada and almost in my backyard. Just a shout out to the Team Ottawa sleeper cell thanks for the mojo to get to toe the line. To all my team peeps on race day wear your EN colors with pride. Follow your mantra, keep motivated and holler out to friends, competitors, and family who helped guide you to your day. Steve’s IM mantra, “Mile 18 Go Time, Just Do It !!”

Lynne Atkinson

I’m Lynne, a busy working Mom from Toronto, Ontario and I’m undertaking my first IM next week, here on Canadian home soil, where I’ll be supported by family and great teammates. I’ve done some previous tri distances but no races lately, having preferred to spend my time having panic attacks training. I’ve done a couple of cool destination marathons and some HMs and other fun stuff, some of which resulted in a lot of money raised for charity. I don’t always look like my photo; sometimes I have bad days. I chose the Halloween pic so you would recognize my dazed stare on race day. If you don’t see my face, I will be the one in EN kit curled in the fetal position on the beach. Be sure to say hi!

Trevor Garson

Whenever anyone first asks me about triathlon, there’s a quick story I like to tell. It seems ‘What did you do before Triathlon?’ is a common question in our sport. Where you a XC runner? A HS swimmer? What sports did you play in college? I like to tell people that prior to triathlon, I played competitive Counter-Strike and ate bagel bites. Given my excellent pedigree in online video games and microwave snacks, it’s no small wonder I’ve since taken the triathlon scene by storm with my sprint tri debut in 2009, my first race with Team EN in 2010 (KS 70.3) and my first full IM at Wisconsin 2010. Since then, I’ve kept busy training and racing, moved across the country for the 2nd time in a few years, and am currently living the good life in San Diego, CA where I’ve been eagerly anticipating / dreading my return to the IM distance at Mont Tremblant and further demonstrating I have more enthusiasm than common sense by signing up for my 2nd inaugural IM event in a row with IM Lake Tahoe already in the books for next year. Finally, a thank you to my friends and family for their continued support and best of luck to everyone this weekend!

Lisa Watson

My name is Lisa Irene Watson from Tacoma WA.  I am a 42 year old mother of two children 25 and 19.  I have the sweet opportunity to teach Special Education at the high school level in an impoverished local school district.  I am married to Robin Sarner, local family doctor, five time IM finisher, and EN member.  This will be my 5th IM.
My approach is always to have the courage to do the daily work, show up on race day and begin, be in one moment at a time, and persevere to the finish line.  My sweet and speedy husband always patiently waits for me there 🙂  Here’s to taking one step at a time.  See you out there!

Robin Sarner

Howdy.   Robin Sarner here.   46 yo male.   6 foot 6 inches and 185 pounds so easy to pick me out on the course.  IMMT will be the sixth Iron.  From Maui originally.   Hope to get to Kona someday.  Wife Lisa Watson racing too.   We live in Tacoma, Washington.     I do family physicianing.

Pete Joachim

Hi all and good luck to everyone @ IMMT.  I am from Philly, living in north Jersey, benefits tax/legal consultant, life-long bachelor at age 46 (well 47 for IM purposes). I started doing triathlons in 2007 at age 42 caused I sort of plateaued at my other hobbies (golf, basketball & tennis) and needed a new challenge and quickly got hooked. Since having decent eye/hand coordination is my only above average physcial skill, I figured swimming / biking / running would clearly be a challenge.  I had no real interest in moving up to IM distance after my first 3 yrs of racing but I eventually caved to challenge.  So Mont Tremblant will be my 3rd IM, 2nd w/EN.  First was B2B  (NC)  in 11/2010 which I finished w/no formal training plan/coach and was my first century ride, second was at Lake Placid last year where I had to bail at mile 10 of the run (medical). So this time around I’m hoping to have a solid race, execute the EN way and just try to get the most out of my 200lb body.   And of course to hear Mike Reilly at the finish.  My wonderful parents (still running 5ks at age 74) will be joining me on race day and to see and experience all that is Mont Tremblant.

Patricia Rosen

I am a 59 year old age grouper … what more can I say?

I am looking forward to this race to just have fun as I am not really trying to qualify for anything this year.  I did a bike ride in Colorado this year  plus qualified for New York marathon.  Two more items off the endurance bucket list 🙂  This race is all about having fun, riding and running hills, and swimming in a beautiful lake!  I love it!

I am looking forward to meeting you all! and look forward to racing in Canada and getting to practice a little bit of French.  See you there! A bientot!

Matt Ward

Hey, I’m Matt Ward from Chicago, racing 35-39 at IMMT.  I work in advertising doing marketing strategy.  This will be first Ironman® and am really excited (and nervous!) about the race.  I was here for the 70.3® in June and completely loved the course and the venue.  I’ve got my wife and 2 boys with me so hopefully I’ll show well for them!  Best of luck to all the other racers.

Kevin Schroth

Kevin Schroth, a former swimmer, water polo player, and ocean lifeguard hailing from Bucknell University and Trenton, NJ, turned to triathlon to find a sport less rigorous than water polo.  This will be his second IM, after coaching himself at IM Wisconsin in 2010, and his first with Endurance Nation.  Kevin is an attorney with NYC’s Department of Health in the tobacco control and chronic disease prevention bureau.  Kevin and his wife Karen split their time between NYC and Navesink, NJ.

This is and no smoking and no sugary beverage area!

Steve and Carrie Chavez

Thank you for cheering us on. We are excited to race this Ironman® and feel ready and grateful for our healthy bodies.  This will be Ironman® #15 for Carrie and #22 for Steve. We have had a great run of races since our first in 1999. We take nothing for granted and look forward to racing with joy and gratitude on Sunday.When we signed up last year we did so with our dear girlfriend. It was to be her comeback to IM after having a child. It was so exciting to do this with her. Then the unimaginable- she was diagnosed with breast cancer in October. Our world stopped. She underwent a bilateral mastectomy in November and multiple subsequent surgeries which were finished in February. She was cancer free!!! During the whole ordeal she NEVER gave up her goal to do the Ironman. It gave her a goal and it helped her to regain her GIRL POWER and a sense of who she is. She was and is our complete inspiration. We will all be racing together on Sunday. It is the “SUCK IT CANCER” comeback race. For her and for all of us.Please celebrate with us as we race Sunday because we CAN. This is all a gift!!

Chris Rabbat

Chris competes in triathlons as a means to incorporate fitness into a busy life. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife Jennifer and three daughters Lauren, 9, Gabrielle, 7, and Sophie, 4.  He is an Associate Professor of Medicine at McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare.  He is a Nephrologist, specializing in the treatment of medical kidney diseases and high blood pressure. The desire to inspire his children and to display a fraction of the courage that his patients do is the main motivations to train and achieve. Mont Tremblant is his third iron-distance event, and his second as a member of Endurance Nation.  Success can be measured in different ways.  This time, it is about being well enough after the race to have a few drinks, because there will be lots of family and friends there to buy.

Simon Shurey

This will be my first IM distance triathlon; I started racing in 2010 and have a number of HIMs under my belt and felt the need to “go long” in 2012.  My wife, Donna has been very supportive of this endeavor and of this new passion of mine. I live in Nantucket, and am a proud member of the Nantucket Tri Club. Several members of the Tri Club will be taking part; we have a great group of athletes who are unbelievably supportive.


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