Meet The Team: 2012 Cozumel

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Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Margaritas? Cervezas? Ironman? Sounds like a good combination for the 8 TeamEN members heading to Cozumel to make it happen this weekend!  Competirá como EN carrera ejecución ninja.

Meet a few of our folks below and feel free to follow them all day long via our TeamEN Race Tracker .

Paul Hough

Hey Team, Paul Hough here from Tampa, FL.  I’m 55 now and since turning 51 I’ve completed IMFL, Coeur d’Alene, Arizona and IMRG. Cozumel will make 5.  I will be accompanied by my super sherpa wife, Karen (aka, the IronFrau), daughter Paula (yep, named her after me) and mother-in-law Rose.  Rose has never watched any triathlon let alone an ironman.  And she has never been out of the country so this will be very special for her, not to mention that I am earning mega SAUs for bringing her!!  I’ve raced 9 times this year including San Juan 70.3, St Croix 70.3, Muncie 70.3® (short), and Vegas 70.3® and will be starting this one with lingering tendonitis in my right shoulder and a tight left quad.  However, I am well trained and hope to execute to a competitive finish in my age group.  I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of the Coz team on site and representing EN well.

Tim Cronk

Hi Team,   My name is Tim Cronk. I’m 50 and recently retired from 21 years of working Air Traffic Control. I Live in Merrimack NH with girlfriend Heather and our dog Magnys.  This will be my 4th year of Triathlon, 2nd year EN,  5th IM and 2nd IM  this year.  I will be joined and supported by Heather who is an Ironman® herself.   My goal at IMCZ is to KQ!  Next year I am signed up for IMTX, IMMT, and IMFL.  Heather will be retiring from ATC next year and is signed up for Mont Tremblant and Florida .  Life is good!

Ken Sharlin

My wife Valerie and I will be racing our second Ironman-distance race this year at IM Cozumel.  Last year we participated in Ironman® Canada.  We are from Springfield, MO, where I am a practicing neurologist and my wife is a gerontologist.  We are “empty nesters” who enjoy traveling around the county in our RV going to various races.  We have been racing triathlons of all distances since 2008, and have done a couple of marathons, several half-marathons, and numerous other races through the years, as well.  We will be in Cozumel with our boys, Cooper, Collier, and Gabe, and Cooper’s girlfriend Kristin.  Our children are all grown (late teens/early 20’s).  My son Gabe has done several triathlons, and Valerie’s son Collier has recently taken up cycling.  We are very excited to have Team Sharlin Coz 2012 along for the experience.  (Look for our custom T shirts!)  We have rented a villa in town, Casa Tropicale, several blocks west of the finish line, but within walking distance.  We would enjoy meeting everyone on the Endurance Nation team.  Our villa has its own swimming pool and roof top grill/cabana, so maybe a party is in order?  Please keep us in the loop if a team dinner is planned.

Jim Cornell

Hi team!  I’m Jim Cornell, a 46 year Engineer from Rochester, NY.  This will be my 6th Ironman® and first international Ironman.  I have been an ENer for 1 year and have learned a lot from the members.  Looking forward to seeing the EN colors in Cozumel!

Alan Caballero

Hi Team.  My name is Alan Caballero and I’m from Oakville, Ontario in  Canada.  I’ve been doing triathlons for the past 3 years.  Currently  single, which allows me to train as much as I want but I do hope to  eventually meet someone with the same passion.  This will be my second  IM and my second time at Cozumel.  Last year, 15 days before IMCOZ, I  hurt my back (loosening a lugnut of all things) badly to the point  where I couldn’t sit or walk without immense pain.  One week and $800  later for multiple visits to the chiropractor, massage therapist and  physiotherapist, I could walk and sit upright.  I still went to  Cozumel with the intent of just cruising through it because I invested  all this money.  I got 20min into the bike and it felt like someone  shivved me in the back.  I was in a dark place for 11.5hrs after that  point to finish the race.  I chose to go back to see how well I can do  without injury.  Shout outs to all my friends and family who have been  so supportive of me.


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  • PJ sandy


    if anyone has Paul Hough’s email can you pass my information on to him……I’m a old running friend of his from the Pentagon……..I took a short notice assignment to Germany 8 months ago and did have time to tell everyone……

  • PJ sandy


    if anyone has Paul Hough’s email can you pass my information on to him……I’m a old running friend of his from the Pentagon……..I took a short notice assignment to Germany 8 months ago and did have time to tell everyone……

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