Meet The Team: 2011 Lake Placid

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We have 38 TeamEN members ready to make it happen this weekend at Ironman® Lake Placid.   There are a host of Ironman® Stories leading up to this weekend including big weight loss, crashes, injuries, HUGE PR’s in prep for this event and a host of other very cool stuff.  Below are some of those stories.  Enjoy!

Coach Patrick McCrann

This will be my 15th Ironman® race and 6th Lake Placid, and a big milestone for me. Just last year I crashed my bike and broke my hip – it ended my season and led to a mentally and emotionally tough few months of rehab. But so far the year has been very good to me, with great finishes at the Boston Marathon and the Patriot Half Ironman. All systems appear to be go, so I am ready to give it my best shot.

I am pumped to be racing with so many Endurance Nation members, and even more happy to have my whole family up here cheering me on for the big day.

My One Thing for race day, my mantra, is to “run to my potential.” I am aiming for a 3:15 effort which is really, really ambitious but I think representative of what I can do. All I gotta do now is swim/bike and run the first few miles right. If you’ve got some extra energy and you’re going to be in LP for race day, I’d love some verbal support! Good luck everyone!

Beverly Richardson

I am Beverly Richardson from Charlottesville, VA.  I am 36, unmarried, and work as a software & systems engineer.  I grew up in a home with good southern cooking and so began running as a teen to keep the pounds off.   When I got to high school I joined the cross country and basketball teams.  Having the grand stature of 5’0”, I spent a lot of time warming the bench in basketball.  Maybe I was better suited to running…  After college I started running marathons.  Then after getting injured, I started riding my mountain bike which led to doing triathlons.  This will be my 3rd Iron distance tri.  I did Beach 2 Battleship in 2009 and IM Louisville in 2010, as well as Long Course Worlds in Germany 2010.  I have been an EN member since November 2010, and it has given me my best triathlon season ever starting with winning a spot at 70.3® World Championships in Las Vegas earlier in the year at St. Croix 70.3.  I hope to continue this with a best ever personal IM performance here in Lake Placid.  My goal is to execute the race EN ninja style and negative split the run!

Jim Daley

Hello – I live in Delmar, NY, which is just outside of Albany – about 2.5 hours north of NYC and 2.5 hours south of Lake Placid.  I had been thinking about trying out triathlon for quite a while, but never made an effort to get started until watching the 2008 Lake Placid Ironman.  It poured pretty much all day, but I was totally caught up in the race and hung out in the rain and watched almost the entire thing.  That pushed me over the edge and I figured three years would be about right to get ready to give Ironman® a shot.  The first year I thought myself how to swim (for real), got the gear, and did several sprint and Olympic races.  Last year I did my first HIM (Timberman), and earlier this year I did the Quassy HIM.  Lake Placid is next.  I stumbled across EN early on, and knew I would join up when the time was right.  I started with the November out-season, and the program has really been great.  I should have signed up to train for Timberman last year! I am married with one daughter, shown below on a backpacking trip in the Adirondacks.  When not training I dabble in fly fishing, backpacking, winter mountaineering, and the occasional game of chess.  Good luck everyone, and I’ll see you in Placid!!

Tina Brinkerhoff

I am marathon runner who got bored, so I decided that to make things more exciting, I’d add a 2.4 mi swim and 112 bike ride before marathon. Unfortunately, my cycling skills are deplorable.  I hate every minute I’m on the bike, and the only thing that makes it bearable is knowing that when I’m done, I will be rewarded with the opportunity to run the marathon. The problem I face is that because my cycling skills are so bad, I flirt with the cut-off time on the bike portion of the race. I’ve run 17 marathons this year and hope that I finish the bike in time to run my 18.

Greg Dowd

My name is Greg Dowd and I live in Havertown PA (just outside Philly) with my wife and 3 kids (ages 3-8).  I’m turning 40 in November.  When I was 35 I did my first tri and at that point I decided I would do an Ironman® before I was 40.  Well, I’m running out of runway, so here I am!  As a kid in the early 80s and I recall being absolutely fascinated with the Ironman® (specifically, I remember Mike Pigg rocking the speedo in Kona).  And here I am doing an Ironman…no speedo, though, sorry.  I grew up playing hockey, and I was also fascinated with the “Miracle on Ice” in 1980, so Lake Placid is the perfect venue for me.  I get chills being there.  At 6’5″, 215lbs, I’m pretty big to be doing this, but I’ve been improving every year and having a blast with the sport. Professionally, I work for AT&T in video conferencing sales.  I am fortunate to work from home, so I can take frequent training breaks.  An ideal day at LP would have me breaking 12 hours, but I’m ok with whatever happens, as long as I finish with a smile!

Steve West

I am 53 and live in Orono Maine with Carole Starno, my best friend and life partner for 16 years.  I have a son Kyle who is 26 and Carole has 2 children, Nick (26) and Sierra (23).  Since 2000, I have been a GIS analyst doing mapping and analysis for 835,000 acres of family owned timberland in Maine.  Carole is an RN at EMMC and is currently working in the ICU but has many years of experience in CCU and PICU as well.  We both enjoy hiking, camping, and 100 mile canoe trips.

My first triathlon was an Olympic in 2009.  Last year I did a few sprints and my first 70.3.  I did the HIM as a 2-race weekend, first a sprint then the half.  In June of this year I did another 2-race tri-weekend at Mooseman.  I really like doing back to back races.

Lake Placid will be my first full Ironman.  I joined EN in October 2010 because I knew I needed guidance and support to get me to the starting line.  It has to be the single smartest thing I have ever done in preparation for anything – ever!  Over the course of the OS and Race Prep my aspirations have gone from just finishing, to attempting to finish in less than 13 hours.  But realistically, my only expectation is to do the best I can with what I bring on race day.  Nothing more, nothing less, just show up and see what the day brings.

My motto is “Go until you stop.  If you’re not done, go some more”

Pete Joachim

Hello all.  Age 45, single, residing in northern NJ (born/raised in Philly), working as a pension tax/legal advisor. Mostly into team sports during my younger life and then began doing running events starting at age 35 (after a dare from a friend to do half mary).  I never really thought much about cycling or triathlon, but after my first one in 2007 I was hooked.  So in 2007 I threw away the golf clubs, tennis racket and basketball for full dedication to triathlon.  With no real coaching, just learning as I go, I  worked my way thru sprints, olys and HIMs to the Beach 2 Battleship Full last November 2010.  Needed to prove to myself that I could prepare for and finish that distance on my own, knowing full well that, to eventually improveI would need to find some real guidance (especially as a 205lber).  Joined EN thereafter to get me ready for IMLP. So this is my first year with EN and will be my 2nd IM distance race.  I don’t really think I have a favorite or better leg in triathlon  – just pretty steady in all 3.  Just looking to execute properly on race day and try to enjoy the day – cause you never know if you’ll get another chance.  Will be joined by my parents on race weekend.  Looking forward to seeing all the EN crowd.


Bob Arsenault

I am 48 years old, this is my 3rd year with EN and my 3rd IM ( LP 2009, Wisc. 2010).  After missing a Kona slot by 1:49 at IMOO, I felt the need to make one more attempt. Finding out I have an impingement syndrome and torn labrum in my left hip has made training more than a little challenging this year.

I live in Hampton NH and just celebrated my 20th year in private practice as a Chiropractor.I have an incredibly supportive wife, and 3 awesome kids 19,18,12,  who could not be more encouraging in my quest.The race this year will be that much more special because my business partner, great friend and little brother Dave will be completing his first IM after having cardiac bypass 5 years ago.

Dave Campbell

This race will begin my 1st IMLP.  This will be my second Iron Distance race of my career.  Shortly after joining up with Coach Rich’s Crucible Fitness, I completed The Great Floridian in 2004.  I’ve been following his and EN’s training plans ever since.  I took a break from full distances for the last 6 years, focusing on Halfs(15 in total).  Last year, I got the urge to do another full and chose Lake Placid as a destination race.  I went in 2010 to volunteer, scout out the course, and register.  Being there in person was very inspiring and energized me to really train hard for this.  I hit the Nov OS plan, raced a spring half, had a great Epic Camp on the Blue Ridge Parkway and have generally been training for this for many months.  As we all do, I’ve fought through some nagging injuries and feel well prepared for a fun, successful day.  My girlfriend Kate Nell graciously volunteered to be our Team Captain and will bring a ton of spirit to our team.  I’m very grateful to her for her support over the past few months.  As we know, it’s nearly impossible to even start these races without a great support team behind you.  I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone on Team ENLP and “Rockin the Lake”!

Michelle Bishop

My name is Michelle Bishop.  I live in Ottawa, Canada with my partner Trish who has given me so much support in my preparation for IMLP.  We own a Bed & Breakfast in downtown Ottawa, which keeps us busy at the best of times.  At 47, this will be my first IM, and hopefully not my last! I’ve been wanting to do an IM for a long time, but it seemed a faraway goal for many years.  A colleague at work encouraged me to get into triathlon 3 years ago, and here we are!  My goals for LP are to enjoy the day, keep running, and finish!

Henry Sacco

My name is Henry Sacco. I live in Northern Massachusetts with my awesome wife Susan, daughter Ariel and son Henry Michael. I’m 42 years old and have been actively involved in endurance sports for the last three years. I work in a corporate environment and spend most of my day at a desk or in meetings. The three sport discipline of triathlon was a perfect outlet as I really wanted something interesting and challenging to keep me fit.

I started out in 2009 entering 5k races, half marathons and sprint triathlons. It wasn’t until my second year that I got the Ironman® bug. This year I’m racing Ironman® Lake Placid, Timberman Half IM and Ironman® Arizona. I’ve found that I really enjoy the discipline required to execute long course triathlons and I’ve learned that it so much more than just fitness! I’m surely still a newbie, but am looking forward to many additional years of racing.

This is my first year training with Endurance Nation and I could not be happier. I especially like that fact that the coaches account for the needs of age group athletes by building plans that accommodate disparate schedules and allow us to maximize the limited hours in a week. The wealth of knowledge found in my team mates and on the EN forums cannot be matched. Thanks EN!

Joe Grey

I am 55, live in Buffalo, NY and have been selling/programming computer software for 33 years. This is my fifth year competing in triathlons and LP will be my 1st IM. I just found out this morning (Tuesday before race) that my four kids are surprising me and flying in from CA, CO, and Rochester, NY to see me race. No family member has ever seen me compete. Needless to say, I am so excited and this race has taken on a completely different meaning for me. It’s not about the athlete; it’s now a father being able to share his experience with those that mean the most to him. Almost a year ago I was talked into doing this and I was convinced I would have to walk the run. I never trained for any tri before I found and signed onto EN in November. I had a few medical setbacks at the end of the outseason, but Wow! Now I feel like I can do anything. Walk the run? I don’t think so. I’ll be counting the people I pass after mile 18 and smiling (or happy crying) when I see my kids at the finish line.

Susan Fu

I live in Annapolis, Maryland, and have lived in this area most of my life. I have three children ages 15-22 who will all be with me at Lake Placid, as well as my mom and boyfriend and 2 cousins, one who did LP last year.  This is my first IronMan and I am excited and scared! I got into running about 15 years ago and did many marathons, but made the transition to Triathlon about 4 years ago. I have now done 11 tris, including 2 Half IM’s, including EagleMan 70.3® on my 50th birthday in June.  I work part-time in sports-marketing, so I have been able to pair my passion with work.  I am looking forward to the race and meeting all of you.  When you meet me, ask me how my knee is doing (I hope I can run on race day-it decided to give out going up a step last week!).

Nate Parady

Hey Folks, I’m Nate Parady from Alexandria, VA. I’m 34 years old and married to a wonderful and supporting wife with whom we have a beautiful 3 year old daughter Whitney. This is only my second season of doing Triathlons and my first Ironman.  In March of 2010 I realized I was very bored with my routine of going to the gym and wanted to get into better shape while challenging myself in a new way. Around that time, NBC was airing episodes of Ironman® Kona and I became one of those folks who got up off the couch and signed up for two local short distance triathlons during the summer of 2010. I signed up not even owning a bike or knowing where my local pool was. By July 2010 I was hooked on all things Tri and was lucky enough to get a spot for IM Lake Placid by registering online. The day after I registered for Lake Placid came the realization that I needed help in reaching my goals. I found Endurance Nation by doing research online and what seemed like a common sense way of training for people who have to balance work, family, life and Tri. Training for my first Ironman® has been an amazing experience with lots of ups and downs. Attending the Endurance Nation Lake Placid Camp this past June was such a big confidence builder for me and a great highlight of my training experience with Endurance Nation. I feel I have already achieved so many of my goals and I haven’t even raced yet.  I am looking forward to getting to that start line and finishing what I have set out to accomplish.  I feel very lucky to have the resources, physical ability, and support of friends and family to do this race.

Jim Snow

Hey gang!  I’m from Phoenix, Arizona and this will be my 2nd Ironman® (Arizona ’08) and 3rd season with EN. I’ve had a rough time w/injuries as of late but am thankful that I’ll still be able to race and am looking forward to employing a solid EN-style execution plan.  My strategy quite simply is to finish with a smile on my face (and out of the med tent).  I’ll actually be racing w/my brother-in-law though my wife and 2 sons and extended family will all be cheering us on.  I volunteered last year to secure a spot and it was cool to see all the EN folks out there doing what they do.  This year, I’m looking forward to the “doing” part and meeting what will surely be a large/great group of people.  A BIG Thank You to my wife and 2 boys without which none of this would be possible.

Bill Mckinney

Lake Placid will be my 2nd Ironman.  I’ve been part of Endurance Nation since winter of 2008 when I started to prep for my first Ironman, Louisville.  I got back into triathlon in 2007 and gave myself an Ironman® for my 40th birthday.  I did IMLoo in 12:55:?? in the blazing 93+ degree heat.  After a couple of years of marathons and short course tri’s, I decided to take another run at long course.  My hope is that the weather will be more cooperative this time around, but if it’s not, you can look for me in my box controlling what I can!  I’m excited to have my oldest daughter, Ellie (11), joining me at the race this year.  My aspirations are to go as fast as I can without sacrificing good execution, to avoid the medical tent, and to have a great time.  I’m looking forward to meeting all my virtual training friends next weekend!  GO TEAM!

Mike Smith

Hi there fellow EN folks!  I’m a 54 year old physician (anesthesiologist) living in Connecticut.  This is my fourth triathlon season, third Lake Placid and third season drinking EN koolaid.  First Lake Placid DNF, second finished but cutoff was almost an issue.  Hoping to do better this attempt, modest goals… a) finish with no glo-stick! b) finish with better time than 2009.  Have worked extra hard on my run and pegged virtually all EN work-outs during out season and for 20 week IM plan so cautiously optimistic.  Best wishes for a great race all my fellow EN peeps, hopefully LP Pub and Brewery will still be open when I finish this time, would be great to see fellow EN IMLP’ers post race!

Karin Wollschlaeger

Hi!  My name is Karin Wollschlaeger and this is my first year with EN.  PK (pre-kids) I did 2 triathlons but it seems so long ago I can hardly remember them.  About 3 years ago I did a sprint tri with my husband in Chicago and it was fun.  Then I met up with my super competitive residency friends and the next year I found myself doing a half IM.  Last year I did Arizona and somehow before that found myself signed up for LP.  I recently moved out to Evergreen CO from Westchester NY.  I loved training with the EN program because it is so compact and time saving especially for an obstetrician and gynecologist.  I am married to a very supportive husband Brent and have 2 budding IM kids, Katrin 12 and Braden 9.  The weekend rally in LP was great and it was fun to meet many people who would be racing LP.  My goal is to make it to the start healthy and uninjured and then finish with a smile on my face.  Looking forward to using all I have learned from EN.  Five days after the IM my whole family and I will be off to South Sudan for a family mission trip.  Hope I will be recovered by then!!!

Jonathan Lieberman

My name is Jonathan Lieberman.  I’m 39 and after several career changes just graduated from 7 years of residency/fellowship in Interventional Radiology.  I came across EN last year during a dark time in my life, having fallen victim to the stressors the “lost decade” of medical training can apply.  I am an atypical triathlete in that I am an ex-smoker and weighed 241 lbs in January 2010; nevertheless, despite my weight problems I have completed 8 marathons since 1999 with a recent PR of 3:57.  I had always dreamed of completing an Ironman; in fact, I was registered for the inaugural IronmanUSA in the late 90’s but had to withdraw from training because of illness, and by then medical training consumed my life.

My One Thing – what this race represents to me – is finishing what I started, and never letting a dream die no matter how long it’s been buried.  In fact, my very supportive wife Andrea and I are staying at the very same Mirror Lake Inn where we had reserved a room some 13 years ago.  I have two boys Alexander 7.5 and Zachary 5, to whom I hope I’ve shown by example the importance of following your dreams and never giving up.  Sweetening the story this year is that on my birthday April 15th, I was notified that I had lotteried into the World Championships in Kona!  Needless to say how thankful I am not only to have come across EN as a group of resources, but as true friends.  It is a privilege to be a part of this team, and I hope to represent well in this year’s upcoming races.  PS – the picture below is me sprinting the finish chute at my first Iron-anything last year, the Ironman® 70.3® Syracuse!

Chris Gleason

LP.  40 year old Lawyer from upstate NY.  Will be up with my wife Jennyfer and kids Ashley [7] and Matt [6].  They will be crushing dreams in the kids race if anyone wants to join the fun. Third time racing LP.  Second time on an EN Plan.  Been kicking around EB land since back when we thought it was awesome that 8 of us were racing LP.  Only real goals are to enjoy the day and to conserve enough energy out there so that I am able to stand around the finish line drinking beer until P comes across the line, no matter how long that takes.

Grant Stauffer

I currently reside in Rochester, NY and just 8 short years ago, I lost 135 lbs. and started my journey of living life as a recovering alcoholic/addict. Now what do I do with all my time? I know, I’ll start running to keep the weight off. Running become my new “drug of choice” which lead to running my first marathon. Then my second. Then number three. I ran four marathons my first year of running. I thought “maybe I should hook up with someone that knows more than me”. So six years ago I met Patrick. Shortly after meeting him, I traveled to LP to cheer him on and watch my first Ironman® event. When he asked me what I thought of the whole experience – I said something like “you people are nuts – I’ll stick to running”. Well, that didn’t last long and I was out shopping for a bike.

This will be my 3rd full Ironman® – all of which I’ve done in LP. I continue to run marathons for fun which gives me a break from tri training. I often shepherd runner-friends that are trying to meet a specific race time to help them to achieve their goals. Very rewarding when they get a Boston Qualifying slot in part from my help. I also love the HIM and quick Oly races too (I wouldn’t have said that 8 years ago). The idea of just showing up at these events without all the nerves kicking in makes for a very pleasant race day.

In my stare time? I travel with my wife (mainly to events – good things she’s my biggest fan!) and I love to exercise my talent as a graphic designer. One of my most recent successes? The new EN logo and this years gear design. Must be good – even I wear it – proudly. I owe a lot to both Patrick and Rich – because of their vision, passion and drive in the way they have built EN from the ground up – I too make sure each day has focus and ends with meaning.

Paul Meloan

I turn 44 this week and have been running since 1996 and doing triathlons since 2001.  This will be my third Ironman® attempt.  Growing up near Washington, DC, I hated running and swimming, and used my bike only to get places when all other means had failed.  I was a highly competitive if unskilled hockey and baseball player, and played those sports in high school.   After college and law school, my adult routine had deteriorated into only golf, and I got the bright idea that maybe I needed some real exercise.  I started running in ’96 and progressed to my first 10k that year and actually enjoyed it.  I went to the Marine Corps marathon that fall to watch, and saw how happy everyone was and knew I had to try it.  I did the MCM the following year (3:53) right after turning 30, and have been hooked on endurance sports ever since.  After a few more years, I saw the only people having more fun than the runners were the triathletes, so I got some swimming lessons, dusted off an old bike I had, and did my first sprint tri in 2001.

In 2004 I won a lotto slot to Kona and raced my first IM there (upgraded the bike to a Cervelo Dual though!) and had the time of my life.  Didn’t stop smiling for a month (in contrast to most of the constipated-looking AG athletes I saw on the Big Island).  I regularly do a couple of Oly and the occasional HIM race per year, and in 2009 did my second IM (Beach 2 Battleship).  I also volunteer with my local running club, co-founded our local triathlon club, and officiate with USAT at area races.  Each winter I get in my cross-training by officiating high school ice hockey in metro DC.
My day job is as a partner at Aegis Wealth Management, LLC, a financial planning and investment firm I co-own in Bethesda, Md.  My wife Becky and I will celebrate our twentieth anniversary next month, my daughter Rachel will start college this fall, and my son Matthew is a high school sophomore.  I am blessed with a family that has come to understand how happy training and racing make me, and are supportive through all of the ridiculousness it creates.  I am the kind of guy who decided to run an ultramarathon (50 mile) once I read that fewer than 1% of the people who consider themselves runners will ever try the distance.  I am lucky that my family and friends get it.
I joined up with EN as I have decided it’s time for me to figure out how good I can get at this.  The likely answer is “not very” but finding out is the fun part.  Lake Placid will be a good baseline after 8 months of the EN approach, and I look forward to my legs telling me at mile 18 that they are ready to go.
Good luck to my fellow Lake Placid competitors, and I hope to share a good story or two after the race with you.

Keith Wick

Lake Placid will be my first Ironman® after having done many HIM over the past years.  I joined EN one month after it’s launch after 1 year of sprints and a HIM, thanks to Coach P putting me through one of those mask breathing threshhold tests and having no idea of what to do with that information.  I was lost on how to train and since I gave up religion a while ago, the “Training Bible” was no help.  Since then, I’ve learned a lot through EN while enjoying the positive energy of the people and hopefully changed years of fast twitch muscles into slow twitch ones that will get me to the finish line.  I’m originally from Upstate NY which makes Lake Placid appealing, but now I live just south of Boston with my wife (Juliet), 6 y.o son and  4 y.o. daughter.  On race day, I’m just going to try to enjoy each moment until crossing the finish line thinking about how life has become more calm.   I know at some point it will hurt, so I’ve adopted the mantra, “If you want it to be over, you have to run faster”.

Steve Ross

Hey gang Steve Ross checking in and I am a tri aholic. I presently live in Ottawa Canada the nations capitol with my awesome wife Brenda( EN member as well). I am retired from the military and work as a surgical nurse at a community hospital in Ottawa.I have been phsically active all my life and have enjoyed triathlon the last 7-8 yrs. This will my fourth time participating in  the Lake Placid event and it’s awesome venue that it offers. This will be my 6th Iron distance event  I recently did Florida in NOV 2010.

My tune up race was Tupperlake HIM 2011 before Lake Placid all things went well. I have other races planned in my schedule as well as finishing up the summer doing the Lake George HIM on the September long weekend.
What is your goal? My goal is alway’s trying to get in before dark.That is what drives my engine.So needless to say this year my goal is as above. Hopefully with this new trg regime and the EN team on and around the course I will have a successful day! To all team EN Lake Placid er’s all have a successful and great race. Wear your uni proud,motivate each other out there on race day. To those EN cheerleaders  be loud and proud for us. See you all in LP

Bob Turner

My name is Bob Turner.  I am 41 and live in Windham, Maine with my wife of 14 years, Jodi, and our 13 year old Daughter, Bailey.  This is my ninth season of my triathlon “career” that started with me losing 45 pounds in 2003 and deciding to get in shape.  Triathlon has changed my life.  I finished Lake Placid in 2006 (11:39) and tried again in ’08 but woke up with the flu on race day. I did the swim but decided not to continue.  SO, I’ll be going back this year for redemption and looking to rip it up!  Thanks to EN, I am fitter, faster and racing smarter than ever.  I have a plan and I intend to stick with it!  Thanks in advance for all the support on race day!

Michael Nardone

Mike and Diane Nardone Derry NH EN members for 3 years now. We both have been involved in triathlon for about 8 years now. Mike will be racing Lake Placid for the second time this year with Diane for support as always.

Kelley Hamlin

My name is Kelley Hamlin.  I’m in my 4th season of doing triathlons starting from 2007: broken hip, 2008: first sprint tri, 2009: first HIM, 2010: flawless EN execution at IMUSA, 2011: hopefully even better IMUSA!   Started out as a MOP runner but am a jack of all trades – do most things pretty well but never on top in any of them – given that, Triathlon is the sport for me!  Last year, I heard of EN because of the free rally in Lake Placid.  For many reasons, wasn’t able to join in on many of the EN reindeer games that weekend, but found Coach P on the “grassy knoll” on Friday during LP race weekend.  I walked away from that talk with a DVD and the mindset that I could do this.  After watching the DVD several times over the next “I can’t sleep anyways so I might as well do something productive” hours, I was ALL IN.  Drank the EN koolaid 100%.  And… had a GREAT race as my reward – a solid 12:47 finish with a negative split on the marathon.. didn’t stop smiling the whole day.   Joined EN Haus the moment I got home from LP and started on a HIM plan a week later.  7 weeks later, I raced to a 15 min PR at Syracuse HIM. Although this training season has been plagued with illness and injury, I’m ready to rock LP once again….the EN way, of course.   As for the other stuff I’m into Tri-wise – Let’s just say once I get my mind set on something, I’m all in.  Am the treasurer of a local Tri Club (BCTC) in its second year with 117 members in 2011!  Good Stuff.  We just ran our first kids tri on July 4th weekend – 38 participants – wildly successful – already planning on bigger and better next year!!  And to top that off, I just became a USAT Certified Level 1 Coach!  Long term plan is to build up youth triathlon in my local community and hopefully, bring some U18s along to go pretty far in the Tri world.  Mottos – Generosity has no regrets. And…If you are going to go, go big.

David Martin

I am 43 years old  (44 in WTC years) doing Lake Placid for the third time, my fourth IM overall.  I have been doing triathlons for the past 4 years, although my first triathlon was in 1986 and my second was in 2008.  Watching the Kona Ironman® in the early 1980’s I decided I wanted to to that someday.  Three years in, I’m still enjoying it.

I live in upstate New York with my wife, Jennifer, and two children, Haley, 14 years old, and Noah, 11 years old.  I am an ear, nose and throat physician practicing in and around Albany, NY.  I am hoping for a PR as this past year was the first out season where I learned how to suffer in the Pain Cave, aka my basement.  I have also lost 17 pounds since January, so hopefully that may improve my time.  More than anything, I just want to have a great weekend up in Lake Placid!

Bill Fritton

Hello, my name is Bill Fritton and I live just outside of DC with my wife Bonnie and my 7 year old son Ben. I own a financial consulting company and enjoy playing golf and hockey.

I have done a number of Sprints, Olys, and Halfs over the past four years.  After Musselman last year I had decided to semi-retire from triathlon as I felt it had run its course in my life. I was just going to do a short race maybe a couple of times a year.

Then….I was on a boat in the middle of the Chesapeake enjoying a long weekend of sailing and was several drinks into happy hour when I got a call from my neighbor saying he was doing Lake Placid with a couple of other guys and I “had” to do it.  So here I am, my first IM,I have several goals but the first and most important is to enjoy the day and survive.

I look forward to meeting everyone.


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