Meet The Team: 2011 Florida

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TeamEN is ramped and ready to make it happen in Panama Beach with 25 rock stars ready to roll!  The weather looks spectacular for racing and if execution is the name, TeamEN has the game.

This is a lively bunch with HUGE mojo and lots of laughing and chatter!  Go TeamEN!

Meet a few of them below.

Jonathan McKenzie

2011 Florida Race Captain

I am Jonathan McKenzie a person who once thought people who did anything over a 5k were nuts.  Triathlons thats just for those fitness nerds. Well, today I sit 7 days out from my first ironman after a 3+ year journey. I started at about 217lbs and I will be racing Florida at 177lbs.  I have completed about a dozen sprints (2) olympics and (2) 70.3® races. My wife has supported me through the whole process and for that I am very grateful. We have had a son in the middle of this triathlon journey and he is completely amazing.  My life is now mush more healthy and happy physically and mentally as a result of triathlon.  I joined Team EN last November and have really enjoyed the coaching philosophy.  I hope to just finish this first ironman and enjoy the whole day, no real time goals are set for this race other than achieving my potential on that day. I hope all of the competitors at Florida are safe and wish the very best executed race for all Team EN athletes.

I have attached a picture of myself and beautiful wife and son. If you see them out there Tell them thanks for letting me be a part of this great sport.

Robert Craig

My name is Robert Craig and I am a 46 y.o. age group triathlete competing in Florida for the 3rd time (2005,2008, present).  I am a proud father of 3 beautiful kids (Kyle 20, Meghan 9, and Robbie Jr., 7).  My wife’s name is Margherita and she is my best friend and an awesome triathlon support crew chief.  I am originally from Wildwood Crest, NJ.  I am a 1989 graduate from The University of Alabama and then I served 5 years active duty in the U.S. Army.  I separated after making Captain and then attended Wake Forest University Bowman Gray School of Medicine’s Physician Assistant Program.   I currently work as an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant in Punta Gorda, Florida.  In  April 2006 I was struck by a car while training on my bike and suffered multiple trauma.  It was a hit and run accident in which I was struck from behind.  I required specialized hip socket (acetabular) surgery and had to learn how to walk again after 3 months of non-weight bearing.  I was told by the local orthopedic surgeon that I’d be lucky if I walked without a limp and certainly would not be able to run again.  Fortunately for me, I was transferred to a major trauma center and had one of the world’s best orthopedic trauma surgeon’s operate on me.  He told me I would do Ironman® again and I believed him.  I was determined and began my return journey to Ironman® training in November 2006.  I competed in Florida in 2008 but came down with a stomach virus the day before.  This led to a disappointing 13:41 finish.  This is my year for redemption so I joined Team EN last October and started with the October Outseason program.  I transitioned to the 20 week intermediate IM program and feel the best that I have ever felt leading up to an Ironman.  I think Team EN is going to have an awesome day on November 5, 2011.

Melanie Neumann

Here is a short bio of me:  I am competing in my second IM this weekend, completing IMKY in 2009.  I initially was just a runner, but pulled my hamstring in a marathon which relegated me to only cycling and swimming while I rehabbed the hamstring.  Blessing in disguise because I would have never done my first tri without that injury–and I was hooked on triathlon ever since.  I am a thirty-something attorney specializing in global food safety, which requires a tremendous amount of business travel that has made IM training a very interesting experience in time management! I am also a cancer survivor which puts all my race performances–and all of life–into a new perspective for me.  No matter if I have a good or bad race, or a good or bad day at the office or home, I am always thankful to be able to have just be here to experience each day as it comes. So bring on IMFL! I am ready to have fun and fully experience the journey!

Dottie Catlin

Dottie (on left) will be racing with her sister, Amy (on right).
I am so excited for my first IM. I was a 3-sport, Division I athlete in college, have run 5 marathons and completed 4 HIMs. I think I live a very balanced and happy life (although many think I am crazy). But, challenging myself athletically is just my thing. I THINK I am going to love the IM distance, but we shall see. My goal for Florida can be broken down into an aggressive strategy (12-13hrs), realistic (13-15hrs), and still okay 15-17. If I DNF I really hope I am not in the hospital!!! I have a great support crew coming-my wife, and our 3 kids, ages 5, 4 and 1. Speaking of kids, this was the reason I decided to join EN and train for an IM-to lose the baby fat after the last pregnancy. That I did! I am still an athena, but I feel good and strong again-ready to do the best I can. I’ve been with EN since Jan OS followed by a few HIM plans, leading up to this IM plan. I’m looking forward to meeting teammates in Florida! Let’s go get it!!

Geoff Sage

52 yrs old, married to Brenda for 30 yrs, two sons Matt age 26 and Nate age 24. Triathlete since 2005, began running marathons in 1995. Completed Coeur d’Alene in 2006  St. George in 2010 and Texas in 2011. EN member since May 2010. On staff as CFO/Treasurer of Central Christian Church (centralchristian.com) in Las Vegas, NV for the past 10 years. Central is a place that practices radical grace where all are welcome to experience a life-changing message of the Gospel.

Scott Davis

Age 42
High Point, NC
I  own a computer graphics company that caters to the home fashions industry, and am a self professed gadget geek. I live in the great state of North Carolina with the love of my life Michelle, and our two daughters Hayden, and Kiana. This has been a year of many 1st’s for me. 1st year training with EN, 1st year participating in a mountain training camp, 1st year completing a HIM, 1st year riding over 75 miles, and the one I am most excited about this will be my 1st Ironman. I feel that I have done everything that I can do to prepare for the race, I just now need to execute like an EN Ninja!

Shawn Thompson

married with a 2.5yo and one on the way.
Been in the Army for 18 years.
Florida is my first full and I never thought I would be doing this.  I am in the Army and have been training in one form or another by nature of the job, but gravitated towards the gym and beach muscles.  Then had a back injury in 2005 that led to an artificial disc in March 2009.  After surgery I realized quickly that the gym days were over so had to find something to do or my wife was going to kill me for moping around the house.  My friend, and fellow teammate, Jamison Gaddy was telling me all about his adventures in triathlons.  So on Fathers day 2009 I did my first sprint and it was all over after that.  I traded in my Harley for a Cervelo P2.  I progressed to HIMs, but did it all wrong for a year or so.  Then found EN and started setting PRs and crushing my training partners.  The team is fantastic.  Everyone truly enjoys helping you achieve you goals, whatever you fitness level.  I couldn’t do this without the support of my wife and son.  They are the best.

Dusty Holcomb

I joined EN in September 2010 to prepare for my 2nd year of endurance sports with Florida being my “A” race.  Training for Florida has been a ton of fun and made extremely interesting by the arrival of our son Davis on 9/18/11.  I can’t wait to race down the chute at Florida and see my super supportive wife Tonya and my soon to be 3 year old daughter Maddie.  I love that I am helping set a healthy lifestyle example for my family!  One day I’ll race with them!

Steve Kwiatkowski

This year I’m competing in my 5th Florida along with my daughter Lisa…her 2nd.  We kept up a blog this past year about the ‘journey’ atwww.irondaughterirondad.com

I’m a 57 year old, middle of the pack triathlete, with a PR 3 years ago of 12:57, and looking for a new PR this year.  I joined Endurance Nation a year ago for the January OS, and have enjoyed adding a lot more intensity into my training than I have in the past.

My 3 ‘kids’ are grown, married to Carolyn, and live in Davidson NC, just north of Charlotte.  I’m originally from Toronto Canada, and have been in the States for 30 years now, so about the only Canadian thing left over is the odd ‘eh’ and a weakness for beer.

I own my own software company that specializes in online sales presentations and online training programs, targeted to the automotive business.

By the numbers, I’m a ‘challenged’ swimmer…never swam until 6 years ago when I got into triathlon…probably end up around 1:30-1:40’ish…280 FTP on the bike, 41 vDOT running, so once the swim is over, the joy begins

David Morris

I started in triathlon during the end of medical school in Nashville, TN and steadily increased my mileage and interest until completing my first IM at Arizona in 2007 prior to the birth of my first daughter. I finished my training in Urology at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and moved back to Nashville 2 years ago. After some dabbling in ultra trailrunning, I was bitten again by the tri bug after my daughters were old enough to walk on their own. This is my first year with EN and I have been very happy with the ROI and time limits that helped me reach new potential while limiting the impact on my family. My family and one set of parents and in laws will be in Florida to cheer me on.

Casey Seabright

Casey Seabright is a native of Minnesota who now lives in the Atlanta area and works for Delta Air Lines.

This is my first year racing triathlons and my first year with EN. I was strictly a duathlete (non-swimmer) and IM sherpa for my Ironman® wife Kim. I took swim lessons last year, signed up for IM FL and took the plunge. This year I completed a sprint, an Olympic, and 2 HIM tri’s. My goal for this year has been to make the swim cut-off at IM FL and to finish upright. My wife and I will be joining about 20 friends from the Atlanta area at the start line as well as the E’ Nation!  Good Luck everyone!

Brian Pautsch

Orland Park, IL

This will be my first Ironman® race. I’ve been with EN for about a year now and have learned so much. I volunteered at Florida last year to support the team, meet the coaches, see the race firsthand and guarantee my spot for 2011. My out season started great until I hurt my hamstring. PT is helping, but it may be an issue on the run race day. My goal is to get to the start line as healthy as possible and try to enjoy the day. If all goes well, great…if not, it’ll be a huge learning experience. No matter what happens, I will finish and then start getting ready for Florida 2012. My parents, wife and kids will all be at the race. I’m really looking forward to seeing them as much as possible during the race. Seeing them at the finish line will be my biggest motivation all day.

Marc Robards

Tallahassee, FL
Florida will be my second Ironman, and second Ironman® Florida! My goal is to execute at least as well as I did last year, spend less time napping in transition, avoid the draft packs, nail a low VI, negative split the run, thank as many volunteers as I can, and have fun on my favorite racing day of the year!

Tim Dux

Originally from Australia I have lived in the US for the last 7 years. I met my Wife, Jennifer, in Orlando after a 15k road race 6 years ago. In my teens and early 20’s I played professional rugby until a broken back put a premature end to my career. Training for an IM has reignited a flame in me for competition, perseverance and discipline that I have missed since giving up competitive weekly sport. A year ago I decided to step up and embark on this journey and I am elated that I did. I have drunk the EN cool aid since January this year and I am 100% convinced that without the support none of this would be possible. My goal is to enjoy the day, and execute. I am ok going slower in order to execute the race properly. My inspiration for doing this was the 30 for 30 on ESPN about Terry Fox, on my fridge I have a sign that simply reads: “what would Terry Fox do”, it keeps me going daily.lkjhkll


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