Meet The Team: 2011 Muncie

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Things are heating up in Indiana in more ways than one as TeamEN descends on Muncie this Saturday!  We have 12 racers getting ready to show the tri-world yet again how we get the deal done!  It’s all about execution, baby!

Now meet a few of our TeamEN Rock Stars below!

Andy Schmutz

M 38 – Youngstown, OH
I am married to my wonderful wife Sheri, who will be my support staff for the race.  Our 2 kids (4 & 2) will be taking the weekend off though.  Muncie will be my return to racing after a 2 year hiatus.  Its my first ‘longer’ race after doing mainly sprints and some Olys beginning in 2001.  Though I’ve been a member of EN for some time, “life” got in the way the past 2 seasons.  Professionally, I’m a chiropractor, and I spend a lot of time rehabbing athletes of all abilities. My skills have come in handy lately, as I’ve developed some IT band issues.  I will need all the EN mojo on Saturday to make it through, as I’m not fully recovered yet.   My race plans are to just follow the 4 keys take it one mile at a time.

Barbara Spitler

I am a 52 year old teacher, doing my 3rd Half Ironman. This will be my first attempt at Muncie, although I volunteered last year and have watched it another year prior to that. I am on the Board of Directors for a newly founded triathlon team; NWI Triathletes. I’m training for Louisville in August, and very excited to meet up with fellow EN’er’s in Muncie for some 70.3® fun! Have had some back issues this year, and a bit behind in training. Hoping to finish this race in one piece, and not take too long to do it!

Jennifer Burbatt

I am a Chicago native and this will be my second HIM.  I’m recovering from a few injuries, so my goal for Muncie is to execute smartly and see where it takes me.  Hopefully the flat bike course and hilly run course will play to my strengths.  I’m lucky to have my #1 sherpa Mary (aka Mom – seen in pic above with me at Wisconsin 2010) with me too.  She will be taking lots of pictures on the course, so I’m sure if you’re racing you’ll see her.  Looking forward to meeting some of the Midwest sleeper cell!

Maxine Franck-Palmer

Maxine Franck-Palmer is an Iowa farmgirl who went to Veterinary School, met and married another veterinarian, moved to the Chicago suburbs, had two girls, started her own business, and was a non-athlete nerd and bookworm.  For her 40th birthday she got a present of another baby girl, and decided to finally get in shape and exercise, and the last five years developed a nasty triathalon habit that she can’t seem to quit.  Luckily, her husband has the same disorder and is equally addicted.  The kids are bookworms, band nerds and think their parents are slightly crazy.  They may be right, after all they are pretty smart girls.


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