Meet The Team: 2011 Austin

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Sure’nuff, it’s that time of year down in the ol’ town.   This event isn’t the first rodeo for many of our EN brethren, and sure enough ain’t their last. These folks are happy as a gopher in soft dirt to be there.

This year it has been so hot in Texas the hens are layin’ hard-boiled eggs.  But these racers are armed with TeamEN Heat Pace Calculator.  So they will be racing smart and at full chisel. YEEHAW!

Meet a few pardners below.

Chris Martin

I am a firefighter/paramedic living in Lexington, KY and am married with two boys ages 3 and 4.  Austin will be my second HIM of the year after doing the extremely hilly Little Smokies (this is the HIM portion of the Ohio Triple T weekend) race in May.  I did IM Louisville in August and afterwards was looking for another race to do before the end of the season.  I’m hoping to break 5 hours and end my season on a high note.

Christopher Allumbaugh

My name is Chris Allumbaugh and I live in Virginia Beach, Va with my wife and three children.  I am currently serving in the navy as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician or EOD Tech.  I am originally from Austin, Texas and have been racing for a few years now.  I have been overseas for a few years and have not been able to do any racing lately.  The Longhorn 70.3® is going to be the fist Ironman® event I have done in three years and I am looking forward to getting back at it.  I have one year left in the Navy and plan on moving back to Texas and pursuing racing full time again.  I have a felling this one will be painful but I am still looking forward to seeing where I am at despite my recent break.  I just got done doing a 200 mile bike from Santa Monica to San Diego for the EOD Wounded warrior foundation and had a great time, but I can tell I have a ways to go before I am back.  I am excited to be part of the Endurance Nation Team and look forward to meeting all of you.

George Sadler

This is my second year racing triathlons and my first year with EN (started in the Nov OS).  I completed my first full IM this year in St. George.  The Austin 70.3® will be my second HIM (I raced this race last year just before joining EN).  My goals for this race are to better my time from last year and to feel relatively fresh the next day (last year I could barely walk).  Since I live in the Austin area, my family will be there to cheer me on (my wife and three daughters). Good luck everyone…its going to be a great day to race!

Bob McCallum

This is my second season with EN.  This will be my sixth and final race for 2011, which included Texas and Texas 70.3.  This is my first time doing this race and I plan on executing well and hopefully beating my 70.3® personal best time of 5:09 which I did earlier this year at the Texas 70.3.

Mike Emsley

Rookie alert!!   This is my first year doing triathlons and my first 70.3. I recently joined EN and am trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible – I’ve already learned a ton.  I live in San Antonio with my wife Amy.  My goals forthis race are to have fun, learn, work my a$$ off, and hopefully break 6:00.  Looking forward to switching to an OS plan and getting ready for IM Texas nextyear.  Good luck to all!


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