Lake Placid 2010 Report Part Deux: Results and Testimonials

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We appreciate your patience as we update you on our Team’s performance, first with pictures and video (with more on our Facebook page), then with our Race Report Podcast Series, and now with their results and some excerpts from their race reports in our members-only forum.

Some of you have may have been following our Race Tracker on race day, a neat little tool we’ve built that automagically updates itself on race day with our Team splits. The following is an overview of our results with some additional color commentary added! Yeah, Team EN!

TeamEN IMUSA Results:

Trent Prough — 10:36:08; “Although dissapointed only  in my finish time, I realize it is all to circumstances of the day, and my day was not a perfect one, but I did push through and finished one of the greatest endurance events out there and in the top 5% to 7%.  I am very glad I decided to toe the line and do this race.  It taught me so much about how much I miss my family and also how great of human beings this team has and will help an aging old dad come have a little fun at this big game we all play.”

Paul Gaston — 11:40:52

Scott Davis — 11:30:53; Six minute PR!

Sean Begley — 13:07:51

Steve Perkins — 12:12:57; “This race unfolded almost exactly perfectly for me despite an inauspicious accident right before the swim start. I stepped on something (a rock, I think) and cut the outside of my right foot, just below the little toe about 5 minutes before the cannon went off. I didn’t know how bad it was, but I didn’t think about it, I just focused on the race.

Race execution was almost to a T, and the result was a 14 minute Ironman® PR, including a PR for the Ironman® marathon by 25 minutes. Once again, the 4 Keys point the way to AG success. “

Barbara Pudiak — 15:17:28

Keith Buell — 12:27:31

Dave Halligan — 11:14:38; One hour thirty minute PR! “I was thrilled. I actually was able to run. After all my stops and starts during training, I was able to run the marathon. What a great day, what a great year of training. The journey was complete, and what a tremendous journey it was. The tough parts were hours in the pain cave, winter runs with frozen icicles on my beard, long runs in the 90’s and torrential downpours, and being so shelled after some rides I couldn’t stand up to take a shower. The good parts were those runs that felt effortless, many encounters with deer, fox, turkeys, and hawks, the rides in NH, CA, and my home roads of Essex county all with such beautiful backdrops, and the peaceful open water swims with my sister as the sun was rising.

Eric Voboril — 12:27:51 “This IM was the race I’d been hoping to have in my previous 2 tries.   At both IMUK and IMAZ, it seems that I had massive nutritional and hydration breakdowns that left me nearly crawling through the run.  This time, I got it dialed in and I was running all the way to the finish.  I have Coach Patrick and Rich to thank, but also the great advice from fellow ENers after my last IM and the staff at Infinit Nutrition.

Mike Graffeo — 11:53:15, First Timer!

Joe Priore — 11:45:53

Greg Crofford — 11:54:10

Kevin Barr — 12:55:22

Carly Costanza — 14:59:47

Fergus Whelan — 11:38:05

Derek Sumida — 11:19:27; “Thanks to my sister, mother and girlfriend for supporting me and dealing with me all year and week long. Thanks to all the EN peeps from feedback on the forums to all those who were on the course cheering us on. Last thanks to Patrick and Rich you guys are awesome, your knowledge and race experience put me years ahead of where i would be otherwise. You’ve all contributed to making my first IM experience a great one.”

Cary Blanco — 13:30:59, First Timer! “My first Ironman® experience was an truly amazing one, I had a smile on my face the whole day. I executed EN style and finished where I wanted to be.

Dana Sharp — 16:15:31, Mother of one & full-time worker bee in her return to the IM distance! “Congrats to all the EN peeps who participated in IMLP, finisher or not.  It is a super tough course that commands respect and props to all of you for getting out there and doing it! Secondly, thanks to the entire EN family and coaches.  This was one long year and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the forum and the coaches.

Terry Wyatt — 11:33:28

Suzanne Kinsky — 12:56:10, First Timer!  “At the top of Papa Bear I saw Dana’s family in their tie-dye shirts. So fun! They whooped it up and made me feel like a rock star. Then I was thrilled to see Chris G after the turn. Seriously, if I think about the highlights of my race, most of them involve the people I saw along the way. Familiar faces became really, really important on race day.

David Martin — 15:41:43

Kevin Lanahan — 11:29:45

Grant Stauffer — 12:43:30

Atif Malik — 14:24:20

Jed Vanichkachorn — 11:15:25

Jeremy Dodds — 11:27:55

Tom Campbell — 13:57:42

Mike Allen — 12:08:19

Lou Marrero — 14:15:00

And, of course, we get input from folks who aren’t on the Team but use our plans to achieve their race day best. Here’s a great example!

Hey Rich and Patrick,

The subject covers my main point, but I can expand on it a little bit. I did Lake Placid this past weekend, had a huge PR, and it’s pretty much all thanks to your training plans. I did Placid in ’08 in the monsoon in 11:35. For ’09 Placid, I got myself a power meter and trained somewhat EN style based on reading Training and Racing with a Power Meter and did it in 10:38. For 2010, I got your OutSeason® and then Advanced IM plans and ended up crossing the line in 9:51:00 last Sunday! It was hands down the best race I’ve ever executed.

I came up to Patrick after the 4 Keys talk last Friday, introduced myself and basically said thanks for putting out awesome products at a great value, but I wanted to just say thanks again. There’s no way I would have taken 1:45 off my IM time in 2 years and still been happily married if it wasn’t for Endurance Nation. I’ve had at least 15 people over the past couple of days ask me what the hell I’ve been doing to get so much better so quickly, and I always point them to EN and say it’s the best stuff out there for age group triathletes because I really believe that it is.

Thanks again!

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