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Mile 18 at Ironman® St GeorgeNearly 20 TeamEN athletes kicked off the 2010 Ironman® series on May 1st with Ironman® St George, the newest entry on the US Ironman® calendar. Rich and the Team scouted out the course in February to prepare for the event and afterwards named the course the most challenging in North America.

Coach Rich was on hand race weekend support the Team, delivering our Four Keys talk to over 80 athletes at the expo, and hosting a team dinner for our athletes and their families.

Weather for a few days before the race was VERY windy and partly cloudy, threatening rain. Coach Rich reports that, on a recon ride out to Gunlock, he had to push 310w to make 10mph on a 2% hill into a howling headwind. Yikes! But race day dawned with perfect conditions: cool, no wind, and not a cloud in the sky.

Rich stationed himself for much of the day at the entrance/exit of Pioneer Park, from which he was able to see all of the TeamEN athletes four times each lap.

The combination of long climbs and steep hills on the bike, and nearly 5-6 miles of climbing on each lap of the run, took their toll on the racers, with many NoNameHill-on-the-Bike-Rockstars reduced to walking much of the run course. But the race execution skills, discipline and patience of TeamEN prevailed. See the Team’s race results below, as well as photos and race report excerpts.

Post Race Podcast from Coach Rich

Rich interviews Carrie Chavez, 8th in 40-44 with a 12:07

Complete TeamEN St. George Results

St. George Photos

The bike is hilly but I was prepared and by using typical EN strategy with going slower the first 90 minutes, it set me up for an easy ride for the rest of the day.  I got passed by hundreds the first hour but I caught most of them after the first climb of the Veyo wall and on the second loop…On the run I also used the :30 plus Zone 1 (Easy pace) for the first 6 miles to set me up for a good run.  It worked and I had to purposely hold myself back.  Coach Rich was there at Pioneer Park cheering us on and throwing out well needed advice such as, “Remember the race doesn’t start until mile 18.” — Steve Hiatt,

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