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The first big, key race of Team Endurance Nation’s 2014 season is here! Texas looks to be a great race, with a big showing from Team members. As always, heat and sun will be an issue at this race, but with proper hydration and nutrition, Team members should be able to crush it. Let’s meet the members of Team Endurance Nation taking on this challenge.

Shaughn Simmons

Born in Charlotte, NC…..moved to Texas at age 2. Live/Work in the DFW northern suburbs currently.

Completed IMLV and Cozumel and 15+ HIMs, 25-30 Oly/Sprints.

Raced competitively, technical mountain biking for years on Volcano’s, mountains, etc and converted to Triathlon once kids came and concussions from racing became too many…..

Run a Corp Finance department for a paycheck (CPA, CIA, MBA)

4 Kids, ages 10,10,12,14…3 boys & 1 girl, Divorced/Single

Goals this year are to finish both Texas and Arizona under 12hrs.

6’2′, 3.7 w/kg, slow swimmer, 46ish vDOT

Mike Roberts - Team Endurance NationMike Roberts

Currently in South Florida. First tri in 1995, have always loved racing, but until now, job and little kids kept me from training much or according to any plan/protocol. Historically a good swimmer/poor cyclist/pretty good runner. With a new job and older kids, I joined EN to (finally) learn how to bike and to train. This will be IM # 6. Plan on race day: swim at the pointy front end, fuel and execute on a bike course that demands focus and patience, then run smartly in the heat + humidity (something I have to do in SoFl). I’d like to give my 10:38 PR a run for its money. But most importantly, we only get so many of these days, so I plan to enjoy and celebrate it with the team and my family (who will be cheering and volunteering on the course).

Matt Haney - Team Endurance Nation Matt Haney

Abilene, TX

One year in triathlon. Have always been active athletically. Like to run. I was a Texas Camp attendee.

Firstly, I want to finish. Overall, I want to manage my race well so as to be as strong as possible through all three phases without blowing up. No time expectations. Just want to have a good day.

image (4)Michael Crosby

I hail from Charlotte, NC, but am racing out of Indian Land, SC. I have been in and out of the sport for a decade, competing in tri’s of all distances with the exception of full iron distance. My first goal has always been to arrive at the starting line as healthy as possible. My goal is to finish in the 11 ½ hour range, depending on my weak swim and the Texas heat. Look forward to seeing the rest of the EN Team in Texas and representing the BIG RED (or orange) Machine!


robinsarner-IMTXRobin Sarner

Howdy. Racing to honor the years of training and the people that have been a part of this. This will be start and finish number 10. hoping to bring the best race in my body. working as family physician in Tacoma, Washington. grew up mainly on Maui. Looking to get back there.


Chris Knighton

I’m from Shreveport, Louisiana. I’ve only been participated in triathlons for 1 year. I’ve always been active in sports and religiously ran and lifted weights. I’ve always wanted to do an IM and decided now is the time.

My goal for the race is to finish. I just want to execute what I’ve been practicing for. I secretly have a time I want to finish in, but I’m just not going to put that out there. It’s not unrealistic, but things just have to go well!

Annie Stokes - Team Endurance NationAnnie Stokes

Texas will be my 2nd Ironman. My first was Wisconsin 2012. I had so much fun I needed to prove to myself I could do another…so here I am! It has been quite the challenging lead up. Can you say Polar Vortex 2014? Living in Minnesota has been less than ideal, and I have yet to ride outside. (Hoping to get in a few rides outside before the big day.)

Training with EN, and the team going to TX has been HUGE! So exciting! I could not have done it w/o everyone supporting each other.

My goal is to execute well, race the race I should, and to cross the finish line with a smile. No time goal for this race considering potential conditions and outside training opportunities.
I am so fortunate to have the support of my amazing husband of 18 yrs, Zac, and my kiddos, Jillian, 13 and Andrew, 8. THANK YOU!!

Tom Box

I live in Salem, Oregon and have been competing in triathlons for 11 years. My first Ironman® was Canada in 2005. Since then I’ve completed 8 more. This year, Texas will be my 10th Ironman. Lord willing I will someday get to Kona either by aging up! or through the lottery. Looking forward to the heat of Texas!

Bill Granger - Team Endurance NationBill Granger

This is my second IM. The first one was last August in Louisville. I swore that I would never do another one. Two days after finishing Louisville I signed up for Texas. It is very easy to get addicted to this sport.

Background – I started doing triathlons two years ago with a local sprint here in Virginia. Before that I would occasionally run in local events 5Ks, 10Ks or a 10 miler. In high school, I was on the cross country team. No swimming or cycling background.

Love the sport and its challenges.

Scott Perfater

I live with my amazing wife and four children in Apopka, FL. Grew up in Charleston, WV and moved to FL eight years ago. I have competed in triathlon for less than a year but ran competitively through high school and college, always drawn to the idea of how hard I could push myself (i.e. and find where the line is). I love to compete hard and have worked the EN Advanced Plan with very few problems/setbacks, etc. I have enjoyed the forums (especially the weekly Texas forums led by SS, MR, TC and others) and the training experience from the beginning, learning so much from the coaches and many more experienced teammates. Time is very short for me with work, community and family commitments as it is for most but I feel prepared and ready to roll.

As this is my first full IM, I plan to follow the EN plan, four keys, stay in my box, disciplined nutrition, etc. and fight the tendency I have not to let anyone pass me… just let them go (90/10). I have not focused much on time goals but simply finishing strong and running my race to the best of my ability on 5/17 and the time will fall out where it falls out. In all my previous racing, it always has and I guess always will. Thanks much to EN and all my teammates for sharing your wisdom and experience… look forward to meeting and racing with everyone on race weekend!

Emily Brinkley

I remember the moment I decided to set my 140.6 goal. It was in Charleston, SC at my very first sprint triathlon in April of 2012. My childhood friend and training partner pointed out the athletes who had these crazy tattoos on their legs. When I crossed that finish line later that morning, I was in love and made it a goal to finish a full distance Ironman® before my 40th birthday. January 1st, 2015 I’ll be 35. I fell hard. I fell fast. And here I am.

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC where I still live with my husband and best friend Jay, and our boys Barnes and Tate (4&5.) My goals for Texas are to execute the day smart, and finish strong. Every day you have a choice: Continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.

Here goes nothing.

Mike Weinmann - Team Endurance NationMike Weinmann

Texas will be IM #4 for me, having completed Texas ’12 as my first ever. I generally prefer the heat and humidity, but am a bit concerned this year with the treacherous winter in the Northeast and lack of any heat training whatsover. Goal is break 11 hours overall, but more importantly, improve on my time from two years ago and break 4 hours while running the entire marathon.

Linda Medina - Team Endurance NationLinda Medina

Born and raised in Honduras.
Came to the U.S at 14 yrs of age (NY), now reside in San Diego, Ca.

Discovered TRI’s 4 years ago before my 40th birthday.
Vineman Full was my 1st Ironman® distance TRI.
Last year I raced IM Lake Tahoe.
Texas will be my 3rd Ironman.

Married for 15 yrs to an awesome guy, who’s also a triathlete.
We raced IMLT together. 🙂
We have 3 children- Gino (8), Gia (6), Gianni (5).

Race day goals:

To be smart and disciplined. Staying hydrated/cool early on on the race. Listen to my body at all times and make smart choices.

Swim: 1:05- 1:10
T1: 5
Bike: < 6:30
T2: 5
Run: 4:35
Time: 12:00 in an ideal world. 12:30- 13:00

Thanks for cheering us on!!


Coach P

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