2014 Ironman® Canada – Meet Team Endurance Nation

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Meet the members of Team Endurance Nation racing at 2014 Ironman® Canada!

George Yessaian

Mountain biking for years but I’m relatively new to triathlons (learned to swim just a few years ago… did a handful of HIM’s and did IM CDA last year). Live in LA (Pasadena)… Wife, 2 kids (7&8), a golden retriever (Cosmo as in Kramer) and a mutt that looks just like Toto (as in Wizard of Oz). Looking forward to seeing you guys on the course!

Melissa Schorpion - Team Endurance Nation Melissa Schorpion

I am looking forward to trekking out from Philly to Canada to participate in my first ever Ironman® race. I have been participating in triathlons for about 5 years, and have finally mustered up the courage to enter into a full Ironman® this year. I am participating along side my husband on race day, as this is his first Ironman® too. My biggest goal is to nail my nutrition and to have a decent run. I don’t have a specific goal time, I just want to finish knowing I gave it my all.

Jan Schorpion - Team Endurance NationJan Schorpion

This will be my first IM. I’ve been involved with triathlons since 2010 when my wife and I ( we were just dating back then) decided to do a sprint. Since then have done numerous sprints, olympics and 4 HIM. Recently set a PR at FL 70.3. Coincidence that this was my first race as part of team EN?

Looking forward to race day I hope to execute the best I can, enjoy the day and see friends and family at the finish line.

Jeremy Welwood

I reside in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. I am a brand new triathlete, with this being my first full tri. I come from a very athletic past, including competitive hockey, rowing, cross-country running, and amateur boxing (National level). My race day goals are to enjoy myself (and the conservative pacing), and let my training and race execution take me to my time goals. I will be happy with 13:00, but I think that 12:00 is fully attainable. Split goals are:

Swim: <1:30
Bike: 6:00-6:30
Run: 4:00ish

Bob McCallum - Team Endurance NationBob McCallum

This will be Ironman® #6 for me and my second straight year in Whistler. This is my sixth year in the sport and fifth year with EN. I’m going to take a somewhat conservative approach to this race as Ironman® #7 will be three weeks later in Mont-Tremblant. I’m going to take a break from the Ironman® distance after these two races with the plan to concentrate on short course for awhile.

Special thanks to my beautiful wife and son for putting up with the craziness of doing four Ironman® races in less than a year.


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