2014 Ironman Raleigh – Meet Team Endurance Nation

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Team Endurance Nation heads to three different Ironman® races this weekend, including 70.3® Raleigh! This competition course takes gives athletes the best of both worlds: Southern city excitement with rural country charm. A swim through Jordan Lake, a beautiful bike ride through the country, then back into the city for the 13.1 mile run. This will be a race to remember. Let’s meet the Team EN members taking on Raleigh.


Mariah Bridges

Born and Raised in Race City Home Raleigh NC! I would say this is my first official year in the sport however I have been doing sprints and Oly’s for 2 years. My race day goal is to don’t drown, don’t fall off my bike and cross the finish line! Under 8 hours would be wonderful but with a titanium rod in my spine, coming off a knee injury and new to this distance I honestly just want to finish. Race day is 5 years to the date when I was in a terrible car crash that broke my lumbar spine, going to be very emotional and I am excited to cross the line!

Joe Bell

I currently live in Virginia Beach so Raleigh is semi-local for me although I’ve never done any training there. I’ve been racing Tri for 10 years and have 4 IMs under my belt including Kona in 2012. Raleigh 70.3® is a mid-season fitness check before I start seriously focusing on IM Chattanooga. My only goal for race day is to nail the execution and evaluate my early-season training up to this point.

Rich Stanbaugh - Team Endurance NationRich Stanbaugh

I live in the Detroit area in Michigan and have been an EN Member since 2013. My first Ironman® was Lake Tahoe in 2013, having done Syracuse 70.3® and Steelhead 70.3® earlier that year. My 2014 schedule includes IM Los Cabos, Raleigh 70.3® and IM Mont Tremblant and… we’ll see what else (Cozumel?)!

Anna Stanbaugh

– I am from Northville, MI.
– I am relatively new to this sport about 2.5 years. So far I have done 2 spint and 1 Olympic triathlons.
– Goals for Raleigh: finish: preferably not last in my age group, have fun, gain experience for future races.

Danielle Santucci - Team Endurance NationDanielle Santucci

Hi everyone! I’m Danielle Santucci and I live in the VA suburbs of Washington, D.C. This will be my 5th 70.3® and 5th year competing in triathlons. Aside from competing in the sport I love, I’m a mom of 4 young children and the wife of a very supportive husband. Needless to say, I am very blessed.

Over the course of training for this race, my running has improved significantly from previous years. With that said, I feel really good going into this race and hope I can execute a strong and successful day.

Robert Hiller - Team Endurance NationRobert Hiller

I live near Cincinnati and have been a triathlete since 1983. Married 35 years to Mean Jean. 3 grown sons who all did IronKids. Swam and played water polo in my much younger days. Been shaving my legs since mid ’80’s. I hope to be competitive in AG at Raleigh 70.3® and then IMMT. This is my first season with EN.

Dave Campbell - Team Endurance NationDave Campbell

From Durham, NC. This will be year my 14th year in the sport and my 18th 70.3® distance race. Lots of life issues over the past year have me in “not so top form”, so I’ll be out there enjoying the day and looking for a 6:00 finish


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